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What to Do When Life Is Really Hard

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
What do you do when your life is truly a mess? When everything is going wrong, and things only seem to be getting worse? How do you even begin to disentangle yourself? This simple strategy will set you on the right track. For more support, check out my meditations and one-one coaching here on Aura.
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Must remember
I can’t think clearly when I’m in fff mode. Relax, mediate and become aware before reacting or answering questions to myself.
I find when I am super worried about something, I can sometimes trigger a state of panic or sleeplessness, and my mind won’t stop obsessing. I realize now this might be caused by an underlying fight or flight response. I will definitely try this technique next time.
Am I in Immediate Danger
although I have learned about this before, I find it very easy for myself to go back to my former coping mechanisms. Those are not always the best. And especially when times are very hard I find that I forget these kind of skills that I have learned this was a very good reminder session for me and a time for my life is really hard. Thank you.