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What Is Your Why?

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
You need to know your own personal WHY when committing to personal goals. Join me here to discover yours!
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My Why
I learned that when life gets stressful or hard that I can go back and think about my why.
My why
I live in a fast paced city. Everyone has goals and ambitions. This is LA. Most are in search of fame and fortune. I need to meditate in order to keep myself grounded.
I learned that I need to focus on why I'm doing this in order to continue to feel motivated to do it. This was helpful.
Why: not just for meditation
A big focus is “Why do you want to meditate?”—in order to maintain a strong drive for self-care in the form of meditation. But this concept can—and should—be expanded to life in general. I as a student am facing difficult decisions as far as choices I can make; not one is better than the other but whatever I choose: I need a WHY. Being happy with the choice lies in having the drive and the goal.
I need to set a goal to be happy. There are a million things to see and learn in the world. Experience and achievement is what I have to look forward to. The Great Wall of China and the tip of South America
What is your W H Y
Not just for meditation but my personal self and goals in life. Establishing my W H Y sets myself on a path and working towards something. Also keeping in mind that meditation doesn’t need a goal and you’re done. It can be something you’re constantly wanting to improve or wanting to feel good about yourself mentally and physically.
I am trying to get back to my truth. I’m trying to figure out who I am.
My Why
I am finding my “Why” whilst getting to know myself 😍 Reflecting on everything happening in The Moment
Kristoffer B.
Im not sure
Though I have motivation, I’m not sure what keeps me going. There’s a reason for everything and I want to know what my motivation source is.
After hearing this session, I noticed that I was asking “why” to everything I do and don’t do. Now that I’m asking myself this question, it feels like I have to have a reason. It changed my perspective on my life. With can be a great thing, could possibly push me to do things I haven’t done or what I put on hold, to keep moving forward.
I felt centred and remwmverviowmuchvi love myself and why it is important to care for me
Meditation isn't avout moving forward but sitting still and acknowledging who and where I am
Less stress
I feel okay & relax & take care my self have de stress day take care my headache 🤕
My Why
Meditation gives me the opportunity to focus just on myself and nothing else. I am able to put aside the tasks I need to attend to and just rest in that moment. Focus on my breath and have that few minutes to refresh myself.
What is my why that is moment
Relaxing in my bath washing my hair & washing my body I feel relax & refresh & clean & going to bed & relax & write my journal & meditate & sleep & relax & less stress
What is my why
I love my meditating & I commit myself to meditate everyday & commit myself to write my journal everyday & take it with me & keep writing my journal
Perfect in the middle of a busy day!
I learned that even in the middle of so many tasks on my to do list getting back to my center and keeping in mind what is my why helps me reduce stress and remain focused on ultimately what is really important and then I begin to not pack so many tasks that are related to doing something either out of guilt or out of fear.
Feeling less stress
I feel better now my stress & anxiety is better I am doing better & feeling better about my self
Walter J
Why do I meditate daily? ...To Learn! 1) To learn how to connect to Infinite Intelligence more easily & get the answers I want. 2) To learn from my fellow Aurians. 3) To learn how to express myself better & be understood more easily ( & more often) 4) To learn tools & techniques to deal with negative emotions & situations 5) To learn more discipline for daily blogging 6) To learn more about how differently others think & how to be less judgmental when it is different from my point of view 7) To learn how to have more compassion & Love for others! ❤️☮️🍀
I meditate
For several reasons. I have some extremely difficult stressors in my life and meditation helps me cope, deal with them and not let them reside within. Stress reduction started my meditation journey but now my journey has grown. I now meditate to become more aware of NOW. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but now. Meditating daily has aided my attempt to live in the present. Self-awareness has become my goal. I want to know myself so much better. I want to learn of my genuine connection to the earth, all living beings, and The Divine. I want to learn to use the talents I brought into this life for the good of all, with honesty, love, and genuine compassion. I am looking forward to finding out what is next on my soul’s journey. These are the reasons I meditate.🙏🏻♥️
know what is you why
why do i meditate? to heal, clear my mind, practice my breathing, be aware of what is happening in my surroundings and body. take 5-30 mins a day really helps and 15-20mins before sleep is even better
I can use this for any “why”
This coaching moment can be used to help find the wire for anything that you want to do. Whether it is lose weight, find a new job, keep doing a side gig, doing a second that I gig, or just keep going. It’s really good. Because you need to have a “why” for anything and everything.
Because! Mindfulness sounded like an intriguing way to further my self-imposed regimen of self-care. I found Aura at the exact same time I found myself having suicidal thoughts stemming from the aftermath of my massive stroke event. I sought out therapy then, and discovered Aura quite by accident, while exploring my iPhone’s health app. Never one for holistic healthcare or “touchy-feely” things like meditation, I decided to broaden my mind a bit and gave this stuff a try. I figured it couldn’t hurt! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Right?!? As I’ve come to know “mindfulness” better and better over the last year, I find I’m still fairly skeptical toward the whole concept, though I do enjoy the love and attention I’ve found from my Aura tribe! When “real -world” methods of health care have floundered, or even failed me outright, mindfulness, and Aura, are still here. Had a slight blow just yesterday proving this out. The psychiatric nurse practitioner I was referred to and assigned to see recently revealed that she had no idea how to actually help me! I had put no great faith in her, to begin with, but I’m sad to find that she’s not going to be able to help me in any way! I took the opportunity to expand my mind and try something new to me, only to have my initial skepticism be true! Yet here I still am at Aura! This app and you tribe members I’ve come to know so well in the last year are still available to me...so that’s a HUGE WIN in my column!
My Why
I meditate so I can find my inner peace and hear from my higher self
Honestly, because I slow down my body, mind and open my soul to face what I’ve been running from. Only to discover how perfect and calming it is to sit in stillness with my thoughts or feelings. To recognize them as just that-a thought or feeling, and then allow it to move on, release and let go. It’s also when I get a chance to truly take in the advice from spirit, feel the love and light surrounding my presence.
My why
When I sit in silence I notice noise in my head, chaos, negative thoughts, others problems, criticism, hate, self loathing and more. It allows me to stop, reflect on how crazy life can be and allow me to set up goals for more frequent meditation of why. This is my new mantra to stop the noise. Why.... I love this app.
Cyndee 🌊
My why is....
My why is very big and important to me. It is to reduce stress and find peace of mind. It is to get back on track, clear my mind so I can focus on what I need now. It is to quiet my mind of things that don’t serve me now. Namaste🐬
My Why.
Wow. What a question. I allowed my gut / heart generate the answer before my anxious thoughts. The answer? Peace. Harmony. Less stress. Better breath. Healthy. How insightful. How powerful - the word WHY? This hit home. For all the right reasons. Peace.
My Why
I learned that sometimes you need to remind yourself if your why.
Don’t have a why yet
What is my why? I haven’t found it yet, but I do enjoy meditations and perhaps they shall lead me to bigger purpose. I have a nephew eight-teen months old and he is my why and he is loved very much!
Our Why
When thinking of personal goals, it is imperative that we ask ourselves our why. Asking ourselves our why will push us to continue our goals despite obstacles in our path. When I was introduced to meditation, I remember having a negative attitude about it because frankly, I was negative about everything back then. But one day, something edged me to embark on this journey. I saw a tiny glimmer of light in this dark world I was living in and this gave me Hope. I know why I meditate. Of course it reduces stress and anxiety, but more importantly, it awakens my soul! Ask yourself, ‘What is your why’? Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
My Why
It is important to know your why. When you define it, write it down. Return to it when you find yourself drifting away
Cause life is complicated
Meditation helps me to acknowledge this but keep it all in perspective. When my family is a shot show and the ac breaks during a heat wave, I can keep things in perspective. One... step..at ... a .. time. Breath!
Errina Angel
My Personal Why?
I learned that nothing is constant and that everything is a constant. Why do I want to do the things I do? Because I like the feeling I get from doing them. The feeling of satisfaction from completing something that has benefits for not only myself but also for others.
My Why
The reason I meditate is not only to keep myself healthy and enlightened but to always be a better person around my family and friends. Having good relationships with the people I care and who care about me is the most important part of my life more and my meditation journey. Life is truly a beautiful and wonderful thing! Focus on the good and positive parts of your life rather than the bad and negative parts
My Why
I have a goal to meditate or do mindful sessions every day to reduce stress and anxiety. I am in nursing school currently because I have a goal to become a great nurse. I enjoy caring for people, helping them feel better and learning about the human body. This is my why.
My why
Become aware of your thoughts, feelings. Discover your why and ponder those feelings, having a reason why you’re doing what you’re
What is Your Why?
I currently have a goal to achieve the splits on both legs. I sat with my why for a moment and it helped remind me why I chose to dedicate amounts of my time to this goal: I want to prove I can do something that I tried and failed to achieve before because I didn’t have the commitment, I want to care for my body and be more flexible/stronger, etc. Sitting down with the “why” helped me reconnect with the original, inspiring thoughts behind all the drudgery.