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What Is Spiritual Abundance?

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Here we dive into one of the spiritual teachings of life, that is of abundance. Spiritual abundance is how you hold the basis of co-creation. Discover how you harness abundance using the path of your heart ~ as you awaken to this as a daily practice and as the basis for how you witness everything. A wonderful heart-opening practice. Enjoy beautiful ones! Namaste! xo
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Wondrous Path
I’ve been hearing a lot of people questioning why. Why this year. Why this virus. Why this pandemic. Why or why not the shutdown. Why this, why that. When I hear them I ask, why not this year. After all, it is 2020, a universal year which allows us to see perfect vision. We all know the beliefs and practices we have held for eons have been long overdue of updating and/or changing all together. Thus, the silver lining out of these exciting times is that an awakening of consciousness has occurred. While this silver lining is great to see, I certainly do not want to downplay the hurt, the downright anguish that some of us have experienced through loss. I realize how everyone wants their lives to return to normal. But, what exactly is ‘normal?’ According to Matthew McConaughey, it’s a small word for people without big plans. I go back to the silver lining mentioned above, this awakening of consciousness that has made everyone of to look within, whether we have wanted to or not. This awakening of consciousness that has reminded that there is something a little bit bigger going on here, that we are indeed, the co-creators of our life. In this profound life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy introduces us to spiritual abundance. To understand this term, we must break it down into their individual parts. Spiritual is a relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul. Abundance is a very large quantity of something. Putting those words together, Dorothy is meaning much more than material conditions, that is, after basic needs have been met. It is how we hold the basis of co-creation in our life. There are many avenues to our path inward. No matter which way we choose to be our path inward, spiritual abundance begins here. Going inward, we become presently aware of our thoughts as well as the occasional gaps between them where wisdom can freely pour into us. Listening to this wisdom, we soon find what we are certain and sure of in what our deepest desires are. Aligning ourself with our heart, we begin to take the actions towards these desires. One such action is thinking of and obtaining a resolve. Deepening our resolve to include our heart, we begin to not only find all the wisdom and light within us, we begin to find all the wisdom and light around us. Curious, we see beyond ‘what is’. We see that the same abundance that nurtures the environment is plentiful and thus, we can be tap into it. In this way, all things become possibilities. Rather than seeing things from a place of lack, we see things from a place of abundance. We are truly remarkable creatures and this game that we call life is filled with wondrous things just waiting to seen, touched, listened to, tasted and heard. No matter how young or old we feel, it is up to all of us to seize each moment we are given, find our wondrous path and live the life we were all destined to live. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I’ve discovered this past year, that a lot of things I thought I knew as real, aren’t. That the world seems to be a foreign place, that I fit into even less than I used to. I’ve realised we have been held back from who we really are, we’ve been living an illusion ... and this virus has awakened so many of us. The veil is falling and even though it’s hard, uncertain and tough, I feel like I’m finally finding my way home, to a better place, with more love and joy, to what really matters 😍😍
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