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What Is Really Happening Right Now?

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
As human beings with minds we can often find ourselves experiencing moments through the filters of our perceptions. "What is really happening right now" is a humble practice in cultivating our wisdom and ability to experience reality more clearly as it is.
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10 reflections
What is happening right now?
The present is the safest place to be. I’m supposed to write more so I am. Bye everybody!
Emotions VS. Thoughts
I noticed that when asked to look at my emotions, they were the same things I looked at when asked to look at my thoughts. It forces me to look for a feeling rather than a thought, and that distinction is elusive.
What is really happening right now
This is the first day in my new life place that I am beginning to think I just might be ok. This was a good morning mindfulness session. I should have journaled last night... I just might be ok.... but not last night! I am analyzing those feelings. There’s a lot of pain that is yet to be released and I am going to have to let it and face it. Bless y’all
Need to resolve.....
As I listened to this lecture this morning I realized it was perfect for the place I’m in right now. I have been thinking a lot about things that happened in the past that I had put aside and moved on. That sounds like a good thing to do but I missed the part where I was supposed to resolve what happened before moving on. When I was younger I had a difficult time resolving things, situations that involved emotional feelings particularly painful ones. I can only conclude that that’s the reason why things are starting to pop up in my mind, things that happened in the past that are bothering me. When I think about them I see myself trying to resolve them back then like I should have but because I didn’t this isn’t helping me at all. What I need to do is think about my current feelings and emotions and resolve these past issues from my current point of view. At least that’s how I think I should be going about resolving each issue. There are so many! I’ll just have to focus on one past bad experience at a time.🤔 l think I can do this overtime.
My train of thought...
Derailed during this session, I think because of the long pauses in the narration. I'm unsure of where this train was supposed to be taking me, but so many of my Aura fellows seemed to get something important out of this session, I just HAD to give it a try. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What is really happening right now
This was an excellent meditation for me right now! I think I’ll start asking myself that question several times a day, especially when I’m with my 3 great grandkids who are learning to talk, but often can’t express in words what’s happening right now. In fact, I think it will be helpful to spend time with Aura earlier in the day rather than my usual late night. Remembering that thoughts aren’t real and how fast they can change is also helpful. My thanks to Cyndee for her comments that brought me to this one.
Walter J
Taking time to really observe ‘What is happening right now... in my body... mind... emotions... & environment? It felt more like a mental exercise or workout than a meditation. Asking me to observe what is really happening right now in these 4 areas without judgement (which is a fairly negative situation - if I am completely honest)... but not helpful in making it any better. Maybe I am still just judging ?! 👀❓🍀
Perceived Awareness
In this meditation, Jaisa asks us ‘What is Happening Now’ in your body, mind (thoughts and feelings) and environment. I became aware of my breathing as I scanned my body from head to toe. Sensations began to arise making my body become relaxed, yet energized. When it came time to think of what thoughts I had, I was entertained by the notion of thoughts being as train cars and my mind being the train depot. Just because the train comes into the depot doesn’t mean I have to jump on the train. I have the power within myself to choose! I opened my eyes and looked around my environment. With fresh eyes, I became aware of a beautiful red hibiscus flower that had just bloomed this morning. I heard circada’s buzzing in the trees drowning out the construction sounds across the street. I could feel a welcoming breeze from the fan hitting my skin. I enjoyed this meditation. I have a perceived awareness into what is happening right now, observing what is and accepting what is, without judgement. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Love her voice
How to observe thoughts without believing they are the truth or what is truly happening
It recently happened to me where I took a conversation wrong only to reflect on it without ego.
Stay open and not judge. I was listening with my judging self and not my open accepting self. My perception was wrapped up in ego not reality
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