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What Does It Mean To Be Whole?

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this episode, I share the stories of my clients Donovan and James. (Their names have been changed to protect their privacy - their stories are real.) Each client that I see, they choose to begin their inner journey is also on a path of wholeness. One of the most important steps to reclaim wholeness is your willingness to be completely honest and truthful; with yourself - because to do so is to see everything with clarity and in the full expression of 'what is?'. In listening, you will hear how these two clients made the conscious choice to no longer live in the untruths that they had convincingly told themselves. "You become whole when you embrace all parts of yourself as you seek to heal the parts that are fragmented." Namaste!
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3 reflections
2b whole?
I can be forgiving, more thoughtful, more extroverted in my actions because I am no longer trying to mend all of the brokenness within myself... rather, I am trying to ENJOY the moments with others as they come available.
I know where I’m going,
and it IS Perfect, and more than Enough, for me. I am afraid, tho, because exposing my 💔 may cost me too much, and I am not sure it will be good enough for the world. 😥
Wholly moley
We are all in a position or a figment or a statement in each moment of time of decay but we are also in each moment position life! So the thing is is that we are holy and decay or in life but it’s both I loved this this thing that Dorothy put us into because we are constantly in this evolution movement forward but in each moment we are enjoying this moment and I love it. I love LIVING! Thank you Dorothy
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