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What Beliefs Limit You?

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Sometimes what we are taught stifles us. What we have been taught to believe can cause us to think about ourselves in less than kind ways and can be damaging to our self-esteem and confidence. This is what happened to my client Cassie. It’s happened to you and me, and it is something thankfully that we can relearn and recover from. Join me as I teach you how to rewrite a negative core belief that limits you. Once you do this, that belief no longer affects every thought, feeling, and action that stems from it. If you have been struggling with thoughts that limit you, please let me help!
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What Beliefs Limit You
Dorothy, I have struggled with this all my life. My Father had very low self esteem which he passed on to me by constantly putting me down. Making me feel less than. I continued in life by turning down excellent jobs & wonderful opportunities to marry a controlling, verbally and mentally abusive husband who I stayed with for 40 years until he passed from cancer. I then found a friend who I thought was my soul sister who wound up being another controller! She severed the friendship recently because I no longer fit into her idea of who I should be. I am finally becoming myself after 67 years of being someone I wasn’t. AGAIN, thank you Dorothy. You are a God send. 💕💕
I believe that I am unlovable
It’s not true. It’s just a story I have been told by people that did not have the education or emotional capacity to do better.
Emotional eater
Wow! So listening to this has opened my eyes to this belief that I need to eat sweetened foods etc. anything to numb whatever unsettling thoughts or feelings I may have. TV is a big one where I will eat unknowingly. I need to unpack this belief…unfortunately I could not find the link below as mentioned! Would really appreciate if it could be sent again? Thankyou Dorothy for your amazing insights. So grateful for your kindness 💕
Great session, confirming things I knew
Already but still good to realize, and identify with Cassie... can't find the link though you are talking about at the end. Can you tell me where I can find it? Warm regards, Richard
Always love Dorothy’s meditations and teachings
I already knew that core beliefs could impair our daily life, choices and attitudes, responses and emotional / physical health. Dorothy always clarifies things simply but profoundly I hope I can find a book written by her!
Hi Dorothy,
I find your meditations invaluable. Thank you for making them!
You’re awesome
Since the first time I listened to your voice of calming advice I was hooked! Your message is inspirational and calming. Love listening to the daily coaching and will continue too. Sincerely Stephen
Self realization
No question is stupid and nor should I ever feel stupid wanting to know something. Curiousity is good because it’s the desire to want to learn and get to know people.
Bon Bon
I wasn’t important enough to be acknowledged for my voice, so I did not speak. I was not allowed to express my feelings. I was frustrated that it appeared men held more importance. It diminished mine and therefore my creativity and expression were squelched. I became angry and acted out in defiance. I also became focused on competing and being better (achieving). Me
What Beliefs Limit You?
I know I have many limiting beliefs. A big one is that my opinion isn’t valid, or necessary. This inhibits me speaking up and engaging in conversation. Also my memory holds me back from remembering key information to relay.
What Beliefs Limit You
Dorothy, I absolutely love your sessions. I always feel like you are talking directly to me. My parents were very cold people, I know they loved me in their own way, but putting you down & not trusting you were their way of making you stronger. My Mother’s saying that she drummed into my head constantly was”Toughen up kid, you’ve got a long road ahead of you”. There was NO touching, hugging, kissing. I never heard “I love you” until just before I got married & I said it first. My Mother looked like she was going to choke. Her punishment from when I was real little was to ignore me (sometimes for what seemed like weeks). I remember sitting on the edge of her bed begging her to beat me but please talk to me. Then I married a control freak! Nasty, abusive verbally& mentally. I stayed with him 40 years until he died of cancer. I was right there by his side when he took his last breath. I’m in therapy now & at 67 am acting like 47 because I want at least 20 of my 40 lost years back. My friends have dissolved our friendships because I am not acting appropriately for my age! I no longer care. No one can hurt me anymore. Thank you Dorothy 💕
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