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What Are You Tuning Into?

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This analogy is another way to explore the way the thoughts we pay attention to impact our mood and behavior and provides a perspective to use meditation to help us become more empowered in how we approach thoughts.
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The weight of heavier frequencies
Cass has a really reassuring and comforting voice. I noticed that the heavier frequencies are trying to help me learn to stay present and be grounded...learning to be with myself when I am dealing with a lower frequency station. If I rest here, and really listen, I can attend to what my mind or heart n soul are needing and then from a loved place...when I feel ready...decide what's next. What station or frequency are we needing and wanting to fill with now? If I do this slowly, with care and mindfulness, I move through and learn and feel l9ved and held and seen, more ready to move on because I've acknowledged what's going on without feeling like I'll be stuck here forever. It's delicate work. And it felt really nourishing. I pray an9ne else having a tough time has the sense of substantial relief too that comes when you are able to work out what you want to dial into with love...and what's next, when you are ready too xoxox happy and thankful for this mornings insights 🤗
I guess so
I feel like I never know what channel is better to tune into. When a lot of my channels feel overwhelmingly negative from body pain or multiple stressor in my life I don’t know where to find positives. When I try to focus on something external that I like I usually just dissociate. I don’t know what to do with that.
I learned that I am tuning into the same channel constantly and it is not a good one. One where I am inadequate, unliked, disrespected.
Change the radio station
I can select which thoughts I listen to. If a thought is not serving me I can select a different thought.
Changing the Channel
I like the analogy that our thoughts are like tuning into a radio station. This would also be a great visualization to use when your mind gets stuck on one channel to change your focus. We have the power to choose what we think about. It does take constant practice and awareness to recognize when our mind is in a negative loop to be able to refocus our attention on something positive. Cass, offers a few great suggestions on how to change the channel in your mind from a negative to a positive.
Changing my thoughts, steers my mood
I learnt that I have the power to choose what I think about, and therefore can drive my feelings. Reminds me of how my mother always tunes into things that are negative rather than the latter when there is a whole spectrum of things to feel in that moment. I remember being where they were.
Change ur thoughts
Love the analogy. Wish it was always that easy. Especially when dealing with my 82 yr old mom. She has the ability to send me in orbit!
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