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What Are You Paying Attention To?

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Chel Rogerson
Intuitive Wellbeing Coach, eRYT-500
Attention is an “investment” you make in your experience of life. So what are you “paying your attention” to? This is a fun and friendly reminder that shares themes of manifestation and the Law of Attraction to inspire you to check in with your thoughts and notice where you are paying attention. Visit to learn more about Chel.
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Energy flows where attention gosz
Abundance is a way of life instead of living in scarcity be mindful of your thoughts and how they impact your life
Where you focus energy is where it goes. I had the woman who I taught her husband how to sail a big boat say money is just another form of energy. I’ve believed that since she said it and had wonderful t things start happening in my life. Recruiting, real estate and now helping people.
"Energy flows where attention goes."
One of my favorite quotes, too, Chel! This concept is present in so many different teachings, but this phrase is particularly great for a mantra. Thanks for sharing your insight!
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