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Well-Wishing for Ourselves and Others

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
By practising kindness or well-wishing in meditation, we cultivate these qualities in our hearts and minds. Like gardening, it doesn't come immediately but it's well worth the wait. Well wishing or kindness practices also help to calm us down, particularly if we're feeling grumpy and annoyed with other people.
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8 reflections
I really love this meditation. My best friend and I no longer live in the the same state, and it makes me very sad. We’ve both been very busy living our own lives, so I haven’t heard from him for quite some time. He’s very busy with his work, so I understand, but I still miss him very much. I would be able to write to him whenever I found time. I finally after months of not hearing anything at all, had heard from him. I’m glad that I did and at least now I know that he’s doing alright. So when I didn’t hear from my best friend for awhile I would do this meditation, because I would clearly visualize being with him wishing him well. It would comfort me every time I did this meditation when I wouldn’t hear from him. It feels even better now doing this, now that I have heard from him. I don’t know why. He deserves nothing but the best, and he means and is worth everything to me. So visualizing sitting next to him wishing him well is me letting him know he’s loved.
Shes been prominent in my mind all day. I guess tomorrow is an "anniversary" of sorts. It felt like something shifted when she walked into my life...shes been such a catalyst for this journey of growth and I'm so grateful for her. I wish happiness, health, and wellness for her, for D, and for us. The "may we be..." so easily conjured up a hopeFULL image of us all wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, safe, comforted, and peaceful. Close your eyes and picture the sun. Thats what it feels like to love her; Warmth. Sending her my love and light from a place of self love and strength 💛
well wishing
wishing goodness upon others make me feel cleaner. maybe that doesn’t make much sense but letting go of my personal feelings against someone, letting my guard down, and simply wishing the wellness for others, it’s a fresh feeling. i want to start trying to say this throughout my day in my head to strangers. everyone is human, everyone has flaws.
Anton Taylor
Wellness for others
I learned that it’s filling to take time to send well wishes to those your care about.
Wellness to others
One of the privileges of being a PT is being able to literally touch those I work with to aid in wishing them well, happy and peaceful
Positive Wishes
I like that this concentrates on positive feelings for others. There’s so much negativity in the world, and this puts people in a much more productive frame of mind.
Wishing Well
Wising well for all and everyone and everything around the world!!! Shining like a beacon on top of a mountain, sending love and higher vibrations outward across the universe! Drawing from deep within the Wishing Well all good thoughts and prayers for all!!!
Chorus of Compassion
Since I woke up feeling sluggish, as well as it being Election Day in the U.S., I wanted to do something more than my morning wellness mantra to cultivate extra compassion for myself and others. Because I couldn’t think of just one to send well wishes to, I thought a circle of special people in my life would be appropriate for this visualization. In the middle of a beautiful meadow, I saw a friend of mine that just ‘gets’ me, my beautiful mom and her fur kids, my golden boys, (my two orange tabby brothers) and I all stand in the form of a circle. Hearing the birds in the background while feeling a slight breeze, I started saying these well wishes for all to hear. Once I repeated this mantra once, they all joined in. Repeating these words of compassion many times, I began to see our words travel up into the sky in a sort of word vortex. Catching the wind, these words traveled to everyone in the world. As these words came down to touch everyone, I saw them stop in their tracks and heard these wishes come out of their mouth. Before long, the population of the entire world were repeating these words of compassion for themselves and others. This chorus of compassion melted all the anger and anxiety out of everyone and instilled love and understanding instead. I had never seen such a beautiful sight nor heard such an amazing melody in my life! I am filled with such love, peace, kindness and happiness and will bring them with me wherever I go! As we go about our day, let’s remember that kindness, love, peace and happiness always wins over any ugliness. Therefore, be the shining example you wish to see in your part of the world and the world at large! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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