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Welcome What Is

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We can get caught up in trying to change our internal (and external) environment, by pushing away certain feelings or sensations, or getting frustrated with sounds. But the most direct way to access a sense of peace and equanimity is to welcome our internal experiences, just as they are. This meditation invites the listener to welcome their experience, just as it is.
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Let it Be
Welcome sensations as they are, there is nothing to change or improve when you are welcoming of yourself as you are in the moment of the mediation. Acceptance is something we all search for externally, to some degree, but is a helpful reminder that we are capable of peacefulness if we can flow with a moment in practice first, and daily life as we imporve our nonjudgmental observations and stance with increased mindfulness. ❤️
I did meditation after meditation this morning. No matter what I tried I couldn’t relax. Nothing was working. Until I finally discovered this sweet little meditation. It was a welcome relief, easing me into a sense of peace and calm! Thank you Cassandra! 🥰🙏🥰
What is
This was so calming. Focusing on what is and just observing and accepting was very calming. Loved this meditation 🧘‍♀️
Wow!! Just what I needed to welcome myself and not be judge mental on myself for once. We tend to believe or want to change ourselves because of what others think or say. But taking a couple min of to welcome our true self can make you feel powerful and free to be yourself.
A little smile
I noticed that the simple act of smiling can make me instantly feel better about my surroundings.
Breathing my way out of a stressful day
My breathing is, as usual, slightly congested. I’ve asked several doctors about trying to correct what’s wrong, but since I had a tracheotomy in the hospital, I have scar tissue in my throat, and fleghm catches there all the time, any attempts to smooth it out or remove it would just cause MORE scarring. 🥺 It takes a super hard hacking cough to even try to clear it. I hate it but it's just one of many small inconveniences I have had to try and learn to live with since I AM ALIVE and here still. I can cope.
Its okay to be grumpy in the morning, or stressed or anxious or whatever, the greatest power you hold is acceptance. You can be stressed or whatsoever, its okay, its fine, just try to let it go and calm down for a minute, so you can work even better after.
Welcome what is
I learned that I have to welcome everything in my live just how is it and always smile for everything..
Saturday morning
I am capable of many things and welcome the unknown! Today will be a productive and lofty. All with a smile and light heart.
Waves of balance
The space between our breaths are like waves coming to the shore. These waves pause for a brief moment and go back into the ocean. That pause is an opportunity to be still. To take a moment and welcome the nothingness. To recognize nature’s way of keeping balance. To be present. To be.
Welcome What Is
Accept yourself.and be proud of who you are right now! No judgement, no harsh words... love yourself.
Mona Lisa
Cassandra, me accepting myself and Mona Lisa returning my smile! I added laughing and dancing! Thanks.
Thank you, accepting what is... Moving through my day without trying to change what can't be changed, hope to find some peace, comfort in accepting
Welcome with a smile
The moment I moved my lips into the "MonaLisa" smile I instantly felt lighter in my chest...it was an amazing and surprising sensation
Out of bed and b4 coffee . I feel the same as though l had it.. however I will now have a coffee.
Going to bed and waking sets a course for a cold winters day morning.
I felt so good just to smile in the morning. Without even a thought. That simple muscle movement generated a positive vibe that it actually made me do a silent laugh, even though I’m alone at the moment. It could be that my brain associates joy with that muscle movement. Regardless of the explanation, thank you, “smile”.