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Welcome Morning Connection

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
The initial part of how you wake up can often dictate the rest of your day ahead. Use this short practice to welcome a moment of stillness, sitting present in your body to create more of a contentment and connection throughout the rest of today. You get to choose.
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We get to choose the state of being each moment. This choosing allows us to design our day ahead. Sitting comfortably, I connected with my breath. The subtle waves of the breath, flowing in and flowing out. Relaxed, I visualized my breath moving from the base of my spine to the crown of my head on each inhale and flowing back down on my exhale. Breathing in, this nourishing breath purifying every muscle, tendon, bone and cell as it moved ever so gently up my spine to the crown of my head. Breathing out, this nourishing breath relaxing every muscle, tendon, bone and cell as it guided back down my spine to my base. This connected channel created by my own imagination opened the door for me to begin designing my upcoming day. I choose to be happy. I choose to be peaceful. I choose to be compassionate. I choose to be kind. I choose to be curious. I choose to be grateful. I choose to surrender to what is. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I get to choose
My state of being, my state of mind, my actions are all me.
I am really scared of being looked down on. The image of me in NUS cast in a classroom play as an outsider. Ugly and fat. I don’t know how to dress. People are laughing at me. I am so worried they see
I am in control of my beauty and how I want to look. I love Mango Men clothes.
Welcome Morning
This was a nice, gentle way of saying good morning to ourselves. Taking this time before I'm off to the races for myself. Thank you.
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