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Weightlessness Sound Bath For Hypnagogia

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Healing Vibrations
Sound Healing Artist
This sound bath was made with a constant tone from our deepest Tibetan Singing Bowl as a base for deep relaxation. The top layer of sound is the crystal singing bowls played gently with the occasional soft ding. This method of play puts the listener into a Hypnagogic state, which is the first level of sleep in which feelings of weightlessness, visions, and lucid dreaming are most likely to occur. Usually, Hypnagogia only lasts ~10 minutes but with the gentle stimuli of the singing bowls strikes, one may stay in a Hypnagogic state for the entire sound bath. Many great minds like Thomas Edison were obsessed with Hypnagogia as a solution for breakthroughs in their work. Many important and creative realizations can happen in this state.