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We all have Social Anxiety

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Social anxiety is a prevalent experience for many people, and most people have felt uncomfortable around other people at some point in their lives. One of the main problems is we think we are the only ones. This talk explains another way to think about social anxiety.
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Social anxiety
I learned that everyone experiences some social anxiety and it’s normal and natural to some extent
I guess I never realized that most of us experience this. It helps knowing I am not alone, it is wat to easy to feel alone in this world. Those of you at Aura, I want to thank you for this insight and for being here. It makes a huge difference!
I must filter my thoughts in order to have the effect I want in my body.
Its hard
It can really be hard to filter my thoughts; there are some that just seem prone to negativity
This makes so much sense
It just makes sense that everyone is focused on how they are perceived and not on how they perceive others. Not all of the time. But most of it. I have to constantly remind myself that all eyes are not on me. Cass is so good at what she does. Just saying.
Social Anxiety and the Mask We Wear
I sat in my car crying my heart out. I couldn’t go in to the little restaurant for a lunch with new people. Here I was once again - we had moved AGAIN and I knew no one. My heart raced, my palms were sweaty, and I honestly thought I was going to throw up. My husband had me on the phone telling me I could do this - I had been a varsity cheerleader after all. I had spirit and personality. But not after so many moves and so many cold introductions. Not after so many new neighborhoods and so many cliques that didn’t want me, didn’t need me. When I finally stopped crying and pulled myself together I went in - and not a one of them had a clue I wasn’t the most happy little bird on the block. They didn’t hear about my tears for two full years and then only two of them learned the truth. Oh the mask we wear in front of others.
Didn’t know this
I had no idea that most people feel awkward in social settings. I thought my anxious feelings were the cause of it for me. But this made sense and allowed me to breathe knowing I am not alone.
Everyone struggles
I don’t really seek comfort in knowing that others are struggling too. It’s like the encouragement of authentic communication though.
Social Anxiety
I don't have the feeling of not being good enough in the eyes of other people. However, I'm a homebody and do experience anxiety when interacting with people at times. You would never know it. I find it easy to talk to people. In fact I rather enjoy it. But I find myself talking too much due to anxiety at times.
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