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Ways of Seeing - Truth & Conflict

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Sascha Meier (Alexandra)
Personal Development & Mindfulness Coach
When we are suffering because of distance, cancellation, or conflict with someone in our life, we can learn to sense how we are triggered and become aware of the stress or anxiety we are holding and our relationship to it. Turn to this mindfulness meditation practice to access different ways of seeing conflict, for the expanded perspective of your emotions, and to witness the relationship with yourself and others in moments of vulnerability.
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Believe in your gold
This meditation really touched me. I am currently going thorough some conflict where I feel that I keep abandoning myself because I’m feeling overwhelmed by the strong emotions. I latch onto those thoughts that tell me I’ll never be worthy of love and connection. What this meditation did was remind me that I am NOT my thoughts and my feelings are real but the story im telling myself is NOT true. Then giving myself some love and compassion as I work through this conflict, really helps to create more space inside of me 🙏🏼
Ways of Seeing - Truth and Conflict
I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to face the strong beliefs that I hold and see if they’re benefiting me or not. I can interrogate them, then listen to my body/ mind and find out how to be compassionate to myself.