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Waterfall of Love You & Me

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Love is one of the most beautiful feelings to have, feel it inside and share the love with others. Let's resonate on the love frequency. Fill your soul, body, and mind with this waterfall of LOVE. Lots of love namaste, Irene Christabel Merline Zwaan
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Magical Journey
We have the power to choose how we want to show up each day. How we want to feel. When we let others decide that for us we give them control over how we think, feel, and spend our time. Irene invites me to grab her hand to take me on a journey to beautiful waterfall. We feel the warmth of the sun’s healing energy above us which is soaking into our being filling us up with positive energy. We hear the birds singing in the trees. As we are holding hands gazing at the waterfall, I feel Irene sending love to me. Placing both hands over my heart, feelings of love grow stronger giving me the warm fuzzies all over along with a huge smile on my face. Then Irene leads me into the waterfall. We feel the cool refreshing water wash away any leftover negative energy from our mind, body, and spirit. As we find a rock to sit on in the sun to dry off, we feel oneness with the universe. Thank you Irene for taking me on a beautiful magical journey this morning. My spirit is overflowing with feelings of love, peace, and happiness. My inner light is shining bright. I will take these beautiful feelings into my day to share them with anyone that crosses my path. May your day be filled with love and light!🤗💕
From water and gravity to the sun and moon, everything is made up of energy. Even our bodies and the constant weather system of emotions that flow through us is made up of energy. Once we realize this, we can begin to work with these energies. In this beautiful meditation, Irene takes us on a journey to a waterfall. As Irene’s hand embraced mine, we walked to a waterfall. Seeing and hearing the power of this energy cascading down rocks, I somehow knew I was a part of something larger than myself. I smiled at Irene as I took in this beautiful place. The sun was shining, flocks of birds were flying through the sky, it was a magical place. She led me into this water and it felt so rejuvenating to all the fibers, muscles and bones that make up the skeleton of this body. As the sun pierced the water with its energy, the water turned golden. As this water flowed through me, I felt myself moving more and more to my center, where natural presence lies. In touch with presence, I smiled at Irene as I took in this loving feeling. Then the water turned to purple and I felt this energy of higher consciousness flowing throughout me. In touch with this miraculous energy, I smiled at Irene as I took in this immense peaceful feeling. Irene led me out of the water and as we still held hands, we allowed the power of the sun to dry our clothes. I smiled at Irene as I feel at one with it all. Namaste, Irene. Namaste. 🌞❤️☮️💫🙏🏻