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Waterfall Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We can often feel overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, and by stepping back and thinking of them as just experiences passing through, we can get some perspective on it all and feel less overwhelmed.
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Water fall
Standing behind a water is nice .Cleansed in Jesus thinking about Thoughts positive and Visions
Great imagery and sound, to take me away for a few minutes, where I am still and the water does all the moving. Namaste
Great visualization
The waterfall visualization was great to recreate. Learning to step back and just lokk at the entire picture is refreshing
Pause and Step Back
I needed to hear these words to reframe my worry this morning. When I take a step back from the situation, I can see how powerless my worry is and that what is truly powerful is trusting God.
Relaxing meditation for gaining perspective
I found this meditation to be really helpful in relaxing and gaining perspective on the idea that our experiences are things we can observe and choose how we take in instead experiences as all encompassing or defining who we are. The image of standing behind a waterfall, so you can observe and experience it without becoming fully submerged was perfect.
When I feel anxious about a certain situation, I believe it’s a good idea to step back and look at the situation to get some perspective. I can look at the situation from a different angle and see what it’s trying to teach me and learn from it.
Waterfall Meditation
Observe the things around you without allowing them to submerge you!
This is Groovy. Will you try to meditate to it, & hit me with your best shot! Have a Groovy day, too! ☕️🐝☕️
Waterfall Meditation
This meditation popped up for me again to remind me to step back and observe instead of getting getting caught up and becoming overwhelmed
Walter J
Distancing ...
This is a great track reminding us to separate ourselves from our thoughts & distance our feelings from our thoughts, in order to stay calm, cool & collected. I love the analogy of the waterfall never stopping. Our stream of consciousness never ends, so it is natural for us to experience thoughts constantly coming into our realm of attention, wanting to be recognized. It is our ability to distance ourselves from our thoughts that allows us maintain sanity and get anything done. By using our higher faculty of our mind called Will, we can select the thoughts we want to keep focused on and allow the others to keep on flowing. This allows to get done what is important By choosing wisely to focus on the Beneficial thoughts of what we want, we are directing our energies to flow to and the Universal Energies to be attracted to what we picture in our thoughts and we actually cause it to manifest in our lives. Having strong feelings for it will bring it to us faster. Just make sure it is what you Want. If you make the mistake of trying to say what you “don’t want”, it will actually start to manifest. Do B careful to always think & say what you want in positive, Beneficial terms! Just allow the negative ideas to keep on flowing. I also applaud the idea Jiva states that all of us get these unwanted thoughts and we are not doing it wrong when we get distracted! Just use your Will and refocus your attention back on what you want. So true & wise! Thanks for another helpful session! ❤️🧐🍀
Waterfall meditation
Thank you for reminding me to take a step back and look at what is going on. Being caught under the waterfall is not a necessary part of viewing the waterfall
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