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Waterfall Cleansing Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Cleanse and let go of all that is no longer useful and return home to your authentic nature. This imagery meditation is a beautiful practice to use often.
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11 reflections
Nice and relaxing
Imagining breathing air into the areas of my body that I felt tension and letting go of the tension on exhale did help. The imagery I was guided to visualize was very much like what I’ve visualized in the past while meditating. My mind wandered a little and I had a few negative thoughts but only briefly before I came back. The meditation just quit abruptly before I was able to get to the end but, I will try this meditation again later this evening before bedtime.
Rejuvenating and Relaxing
I almost ended the session as soon as I heard the practitioner introduce herself. Because of my love of waterfalls, I made a quick decision to stay with the session and am so grateful for this choice. The practitioner gently encourages you to envision a path to the waterfall. The meditation was relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating. I feel like I am ready to settle into another day of grading in a positive frame of mind. This is definitely a meditation that I will download for future use. 💫🙏♥️🙏💫
Inner Peace
Thanks to Debb, I tried this meditation. I was wonderfully surprised at how good it made me feel; relaxed, rested, peaceful, and at ease. I listened a second time and used it as a walking meditation and it worked perfectly as such for me. I felt a gentle peace come over me. I will listen to this meditation frequently and decide which method I will use at the time that will prove most beneficial to my wellbeing.
Walter J
Breathing into my couple tight areas did allow me to loosen them while exhaling. Nifty little trick that can be used anytime. Great guided imagery! I enjoyed traveling my path of discovery until I found my waterfall. I sat down right under it and leaned forward a bit. Ahhh... the falling water kept pounding & massaging my neck and shoulders... washing all my tension downstream and away from me. Deliciously refreshing and relaxing as I could not feel my tension anywhere. Then drying off in the warm sun was like a nice dessert after a fine meal! I feel so clean & relaxed... Thank you Aura! ❤️🙏🍀
The visualization of the waterfall was very powerful and I felt my stress and anxieties wash away. I often take warm showers and let the water wash away my stress so I was able to perfectly visualize this.
This meditation allows you to visualize your tensions slowly washing away.
This meditation is amazing for imagining all tension and discomfort being washed away by a secret waterfall. I feel so in tune with myself and calm after doing this.
Waterfall Meditation
I learned that I haven’t lost myself that much and I’m hopeful for my recovery and education.
I really enjoyed listening to this peaceful meditation this morning. When you first begin you notice areas in your body that are filled with tension and areas that are neutral. You pay gratitude to the areas that are feeling neutral. The areas that are filled with tension with an open loving kindness fill those areas with your in breath to send light to those areas. I usually hold a lot of tension in my upper back which I could start to feel this area relax a little bit with focusing my breath on this area. Then I visualized myself walking on a path surrounded by trees focusing on the sights and sounds around me. I could smell the wet earth, feel a breeze, and listening to the leaves rustling. I arrive at a waterfall which the water is warm and inviting. I am under the soft waterfall feeling the water wash away any tension, concerns, or anything else that does not serve me in this moment. After I get out of the waterfall, I feel the sun’s warmth on my face and skin filling me up with energy. On my way back to my I am feeling at ease along with a sense of renewed energy.
Very good
This was soothing and calming. I caught myself immersed into calmness.
I left this being a in place of clarity. As if I left a lot of things behind. This meditation calmed me. It quieted me. After it was over I stayed in the meditation for some time.
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