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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
A short, relaxation exercise using water imagery.
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8 reflections
Was feeling quite anxious about an incident this evening and listened to "Water" meditation to help ease my anxiety. It could be a lovely, soothing & comforting piece that allowed me to really visualize being one with a body of water. However, the reference to the "deep well" made me feel trapped (literally), and I had to make myself come back to the spoken words and focus on my breath.
It's raining
How appropriate to meditate about water when, outside my window, it is raining. Rain changes everything. It changed the outdoor party I was just at and it changed the evening for a bunch of outdoor festival goers. The water that flows within and changes me is what I became more aware of here.
Feeling stuck today, emotionally. Reminding myself that like water, I am flowing and always changing.
i learned that even the smallest things help me relax, and that my keeping a healthy mindset is good for you.
liquidity’s daughter
from the surf she emerges slowly it is a few hours before dawn the moon above her lights the way the white sand is cool beneath her as she makes her way toward the dunes, instinct driving her it is her time this is the place she digs afterward she gently covers them and begins her long journey home perhaps she will meet one some day in the ocean they will swim together like old friends reunited after so very long
Embrace your water element. Water is not only gentle and flowing but power and changing. Water can change things
There are many forms of water, such as mist, rain, streams, lakes and oceans. In this meditation, we emerge ourselves into a body of water and then go deeper into our Being, while getting in touch with our water element. Doing this, we learn how to go with the flow, amid changing times. I began to visualize myself in a lake and feel the flow of the water on my body. Then, I turned inward to experience and get in touch with my Being. With my Being emerged in water, I lost any and all rigidity as I became fluid and free. Having my body as well as Being full of fluidity, I am water and will go with the flow, amid changing times. We are all interconnected, as we are the waves of the ocean the same way as we are the gentleness of a stream. After all, our own body consists mostly of water. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Feeling the fluidity of the different forms f water was at first very relaxing to me. Becoming a drop of water & allowing the drop to flow/fall from the top of my head down my spine and off my tailbone was kinda fun. Then I shot off my tailbone and was immediately connected to a roaring waterfall that I became part of, rapidly falling water that landed in the foaming pool that lead into a river that was flowing quickly down to the sea. I was slowing down as I merged into the sea and became one with the ocean. I could sense the connectivity with all the oceans around the world as I smiled and felt peacefully clean & satisfied! A very connected & cleansing session to day the least! 💧🌎🍀
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