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Watching the Trains of Thought Go By

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
A mind that wanders, a mind with thoughts - of future and past - a mind that can't calm down - all normal in this being human. How can we cope? We can watch. Just as we watch trains coming through the train station we can watch the trains of thought come and go - with a beginner's mind, non-judgment, and acceptance.
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Mind wondering
My mind is constantly wondering. I can’t seem to not think about either the past or the future with present thoughts trying to find its way in. I learned taking a few minutes to meditate and do some breathing exercises can reduce the stress on mind wondering and bring you back to the present.
De Rail
This meditation had an unexpected funny response. It reminds me of how many times in my life, my “train of thought” derailed. My mind was “off the tracks” forging an unexpected path. LOL 😊🙏🤪🤪🤪
Day 2 again
It felt so relaxing, imagining a train station, and each train that passes by tells a different story, and you decide which on you want to get on and off, and the platform is where you can see them come and go, it’s where you can take a step back and enjoy what life has to offer you as you watch the trains pass by.
Raisa, cool! Endless thought trains accepted, watched, processed! And endless returns to the now! No conflicts! Thanks.
Trains of Thought
I can think of a restless mind as trains going by - with curiosity, acceptance, non-judgement.
An Easier way to deal with a racing mind
It’s calming to imagine so, with a mind that is always thinking it’s good to sometimes just seat back and be an observer of ones’ own thoughts come and go
Train of thoughts
It’s ok to reflect on past and present thoughts as long as I acknowledge them and come back to present
Come home to yourself
Most times, we lose ourselves in our own thoughts of the past & the future, not allowing ourselves to actually enjoy the present. In this meditation, we are told to look at our thoughts as trains (of thought): as one thought leaves, another is coming right up. Above all, it's advisable to remain grounded, for the actual train that you want to hop on. So, take a deep breath & enjoy the ride.
Watching The Trains of Thought
I loved this! We have all heard the phrase train of thought but to think of them as an actual train passing by while you stay grounded in the present. No need to catch the ride!
Breathe; the platform of present. We can acknowledge thoughts with curiosity, acceptance and non-judgement. We can bring ourselves home by focusing on breathe. Breathe is the platform of the present.