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Washing Dishes ~ a Daily Practice of Mindful Awareness

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Washing dishes can be a pleasant practice in mindful awareness. Learn how with this meditation.
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Mindful Dishwashing
I wanted to try this meditation since I already practice mindful dishwashing. I haven't washed many dishes since my surgeries, but I always come with the perspective of "Thank God for dirty dishes, that means we have food to eat." My precious friends, when we have dirty dishes that means we have so much to be thankful for and we have more than some people have. I hope you will listen to this meditation and make this a practice!
It might seem whimsical but..
This is actually one of the most practical ways to practice mindfulness. Especially for someone who constantly thinks "I don't have time to meditate", it's useful to remind oneself that any act can be used as meditation if attention is handed over to mindfulness.
Washing dishes
Even the simplest of chores offer opportunity for mindfulness. I am now aware of how distracted I am by thoughts, emotions and pain as I go about my day. Breathe work, mindfulness, and gratitude are wonderful new "tools" in my "tool box."
Taking the time to tune in
I often tune out when doing the dishes in order to avoid the "boredom " of the task. I will use the task to cultivate a more mindful approach to washing the dishes, which can deepen my practice of "here" in these necessary but often overlooked opportunities to practice.
Washing Dishes Ritual - Mindful start
Washing dishes is a great opportunity to start your day being mindful. Start by inhaling and exhaling and be present in the moment, where you are and when you are. Feel the emotions that arrive, the pleasant ones, the unpleasant ones and the neutral. Now start by setting your intention of just be present and let yourself feel the dishes been washed, just flow with the task in hands and let all expectations, thoughts, emotions wash with the dishes and go start your day sink clean, mindful and present in the moment. See you in the GAP, És <3
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