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Walk as if you are kissing the earth

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Walking can be a wonderful mindfulness practice. You can do this meditation in a room, garden or park. Using already what we do on daily basis. Mindful walk can help you be present with yourself, observe the surroundings more and great way to reconnect to nature while walking or running in the park.
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Not for the handicapped prior to bracing up for the day. Only for “moving forward” Next time I’ll know.
Walk As If You Were Kissing the Earth
What a beautiful way to just be aware. How often does each foot touch the ground a day? Make it a meditation!
Earth kiss
Who would’ve thought of walking was like kissing the earth. What a lovely way of thinking. Loved it. Almost like an affirmation to love our planet.
One Step at a Time
It can be very easy to take the entire movement of walking for granted, especially since we do not remember the time when we took our first step. In this meditation, Karuna has us become aware of the movement of walking, one step at a time. Getting up from a chair and standing, I became aware of how it it felt to stand. Connecting to my breath, I lifted my left leg, moved it forward and placed the heel, sole and toes of my foot on the ground. Continuing on with lifting, moving forward and placing, I felt gratitude swell in my heart for my legs, feet and brain. These body parts and organ allow me to walk from one point to another. One step at a time, I felt the energy from my body meet the energy of the earth, leaving me feeling grounded and supported. Thank you, Karuna! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
The importance of Taking a Walk
We can all learn a lot from this exercise; it teaches us the importance of how grateful we should be for nature and the able to take walks. I find walks always help get rid of negativity and brings out positivity with every step you take
Kissing The Earth
This reminded me to be aware and to not just move through life. Each step is a process so focus.
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