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Waking Up Mindfully

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Waking up mindfully sets the tone for the day. I find when I do this practice the day typically is calmer and I am more present. I invite you to try this for 21 days and let me know about your experience.
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Waking Up Mindfully
Most of us wake up in auto pilot completing our morning routine. In this Life Coaching session, Cindy talks about how to wake up mindfully. Most of the time, I find myself rushing through my morning routine. Instead, I will begin to slow down and become more mindful in every task I complete in the morning. This will allow me to set the tone for the day in being present and calm in everything I do. In addition, beginning my day having gratitude for the little things in my life will bring about a smile to my face. This will help to put everything into perspective and give me a overall sense of joy. Following Cindy’s simple, but powerful advice, I can assist in starting my day off in a more positive and grounded way. I recommend anyone that finds themselves routinely waking up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ to give this track a listen. It may just change the beginning of your day! Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
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A nice way to start the day
It is nice to breathe and focus on how I am feeling before I get up. Usually I log on for work pretty early as I work from home. This is not the best start to the day.
It's good to look at how one feels and acknowledge it all.
It's ok . Good to feel the way one does. It is better than just rushing around.
No judging
I like taking a morning check not only of how my body feels, but how tired I feel and how enthusiastic I am about getting out of bed and starting my day, with no judging. And always good to start the day with gratitude. A good intention for this week. Namaste
Mr. Phil
More aware
Slowing things down and focusing on my breathing helps in making more balanced decisions.
Waking up
Try to start the morning more calmly, more aware of self. Hard on the day when you’re woken by a shouting toddler, but embrace the days when you’re not
Mindfully Waking up
Perfect, start the day mindfully! I use my breath to count to 10 as I inhale and exhale, thus setting the pace for the day.. calmly and mindfully heading into Tuesday 💓
I learnt that waking up mindfully is simple. So simple that I will meet to practice this. I have always told myself I am not a morning person. I maybe able to train myself to be one with this mindful practice 🤔 😊
I feel sad... I think I pushed my feelings aside , thinking I had time to address them later,
I was wrong. My family is my world! In order to be there for them I need to be here for me
My daughter
I did this with my daughter who is seven and at the end she said “yeah, I’m not doing that” which has meant I have now started my day laughing! On a more serious note I asked her why she felt like that and she said “because she’s not the boss of me” - which I think is a very important reflection. I think we often wake up feeling like someone is trying to be the boss of us and start our day in protest. How to turn that around?
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