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Wake Up with Positivity Mindful Hypnosis

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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Use daily as soon as you wake up for the best effects. Access your inner wisdom with this quick and easy morning meditation. Perfect for beginning meditators as well as experienced meditators. I've added powerful binaural beats to access your creative intuition more deeply and wake up quickly. Using visualization, yoga Nidra, breathing, and mindful hypnosis techniques, you can harness your higher wiser self to guide your day. Identify what you need to focus on and what you need to let go of. Let's find your Zen within. ~ Dr. Liz Slonena
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Listening, I felt I could navigate my day, productively… no matter what comes my way!
Wake up with positivity mindful hypnosis
I like hearing the positive and soothing words upon waking. Gave me a sense of peace first thing in the morning.
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