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Wake Up With Balanced Breath

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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
Wake up by balancing the 2 major channels in the body. Breathing through the right and left nostrils and then both together gives us energy, clarity, focus, inner peace, and calm. We take each side at a time, observing the breath as we go. This keeps our mind clear, it helps to fully oxygenate the body, to harmonize the energy centers, and to generally start the day feeling refreshed and revitalized. Try the simple technique for a consistent period of time, 10, 20, 30 days, and sharpen your powers of awareness, observation, and concentration. See if you feel a difference and most importantly, cultivate the positive energy that you deserve.
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3 reflections
Meditation, Day 1
Felt a little jittery waking up, a little lost. I usually scroll on my phone from morning til noon before getting up. Not much for me to do these days. This centered me a bit more. Refreshed me for the day.
I was able
I was able to clear my nose and feel the transition to clear breathing. After clearing I was able to focus on breathing slowly and deeply which helped me stay in the meditation space for more time. Thank you for that
Just breathe
I learned that I need to remember how to do just one thing at a time. I felt the strong urge to multi-task, even if just was just putting lotion on my hands and feet.