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Wake Up, Smile, & Say Thank You

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Sean J Stevens
Mental Health & Spiritual Ally
Starting the day on the right foot can set the tone for the whole rest of the day. Beginning the day in meditation can reduce anxiety & set us up for a wonderful day, all day. So let us begin this day & every day in mindfulness & with gratitude.
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Thank you
I love the suggestion that upon waking each morning before I do anything, smile and say thank you. This was a lovely meditation of gratitude.
Thank you
I am grateful for.. -This new day -Feeling good mentally and physically -My breath -Sunshine - My morning routine - Spending a few days at our vacation home Starting the day with a smile and saying thank you is an instant mood booster. My heart is filled with gratitude and my mind is focused on abundance. May I continue to focus on abundance for all that I have and continue to give thanks.
Home day 1
I am learning that anxiety is a large portion of the physical discomfort (horrible, to me) that I have been feeling since surgery and the subsequent hospitalization for infection. I learned that distraction is very helpful.
Simple thank you
I feel like it’s such a simple thing that I forget is to take a moment and set the intention of gratitude. To wake up with a smile and say thank you…takes only a moment
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