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Vulnerability As Strength

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
Learning to see vulnerability as your strength. Strengthening that muscle showing up in the discomfort. Living in your power of inner strength by being seen, heard, and witnessed as you are.
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2 reflections
Vulnerability With Myself Heals Me
Tears just ran down my cheeks as I listened to this. I’ve been on a journey to reclaim my true self for years, to embrace vulnerability…and yet when I am scared, as I was recently when stepped away from someone I was really feeling, I find it hard to be completely vulnerable. And that’s okay. This audio put me in touch with how sad I am that things didn’t work out between us. I needed to acknowledge and feel my sorrow and cry. ♥️
Thank you for this reminder.
This track had been reminding me for the past few months not to forget how important for me being vulnerable is. Going through hard times of relationship-post-break up, the need to selfprotect myself would tend to put me in a position of not wanting to be vulnerable. However for me that is the only way to be happy and certainly acknowledging and reminding myself that being vulnerable is a strength puts me at ease and even gives me a sense of power not to be afraid to show my true feelings and being my honest self. It is always a risk of getting hurt showing who you are, but it is a freeing feeling as well. And without risking we sometimes stumble or even fall, we rarely gain true feeling of happines and fulfilment. Thank you for this reminder. 🩷