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Vocalization Breathwork For Expression

11 Min
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Emily Archer
Transformational Breath® Facilitator
The purpose of this breathwork session is to connect positive affirmations with conscious, connected breathing to anchor in the intention of opening up one’s self-expression. We will also touch our throat chakra as we breathe to bring awareness to this area. Sound will also be incorporated. Continue breathing during the entire session even if you hear affirmations such as “I express my truth.”
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How I felt
I was conscious enough to change my sounds. I could get better at this. I needed to wind down a bit after shopping for crafts I am going to do, walking to the mailbox, sorting my disinfected purchases into plastic contact bought today. I then moved my plants out of my windows and then fed the kittens. My feet hurt so I laid down to do this breathing exercise. It was nice to do something to sooth myself down.
Didn't know how much i needed this...
oh wow.. i had no idea how much i needed this... nice exercise!!