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Visualize Your Goals

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Do you have a cherished goal you're working toward? Visualization is a powerful tool to get you focused and clear about achieving your goals. In order to "be it," you have to be able to "see it." Step into your best life with this powerful visualization technique.
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11 reflections
I am worthy. Everything that is happening is working for my good. God is in control. Every way, all ways. Always.
Gently affirming
It's best to come into this meditation with your goals already determined and what you want to be visualizing. I had a general idea but I want to do this one again more clearly. Some meditations like these aren't good for a beginner or intimidating, but Christina makes it very easy, safe, and gentle.
Goal setting:
Visualize and it will come true eventually Confidence in achieving it Focus, determination
It is only a matter of time...
It's nice to see what my subconscious cooks up during a meditation about goal-setting. I saw something I wasn't expecting, but am thrilled that I visualized what I did. It just confirms that I'm on the right path!
Such a powerful practice
Visualization is an essential part of my morning routine and this meditation helped me capture the moment in greater detail.
Why I created this meditation...
I believe wholeheartedly in the power of visualization. When we visualize our goals, we change our mental paradigm about what is possible for us. It is a powerful way to move past limiting beliefs and negative thinking about what we can achieve in our lives. Visualization is the first step, and inspired action is the second one. They go together. When we first improve our focus and confidence, our action becomes so much more effective. I have used visualization in my life to heal my body, build my energy healing practice, and even attract love into my life! I had already been visualizing my life with Darrin long before I met him. ❤️ PS I saw that an Aura user in the community was looking for a meditation on "Visualizing Goals," so I credit her with the idea for this meditation! I'm open to all of your suggestions too. Be well! Christina
If you get too much attention for knowing a lot in college class.
Help others grasp the knowledge and understanding that you reached through out your past in class. Don't be selfish about knowledge. And the more you explain it time and time again to different students you will understand it and grasp it even better from different angles. As you go and study ahead regardless of if you know the subject area or not always study ahead and that will help in brushing up before a text, quize or exam.
On mothering
When I was leaving home, I wanted to be a double income no kid woman. It took 9 years to convince me differently. Even during my pregnancy, I was going to work until the baby came. After I became a mom, I couldn't wait to return to work. 2 years into this parenting gig, I now wish for the day when I can stay at home. What changed? I believe I am lovable & capable of loving. Raising a child is the best way to show my love to the world.
This really helps!
I'm going to put this meditation in my evening routine! Really a great tool for acheiving goals! Thank you, Christina! ❤️
w o r t h y
i am worthy and capable of achieving the things that i want in my life....i must believe that affirmation from deep inside of myself. i learned i have more work to do
Closer to my dreams
I am literally dreaming about achieving my goals, and as long as I take action toward them, they will manifest. I feel that they have already come fruition because I believe in my goals and myself so much. I believe the attainment of my goals is for the greater good, so they have a deeper meaning and significance.