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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Remove old situations, beliefs from your mind. Reprogram yourself to get more joy and happiness and loving feelings out of your life! Enjoy the calmness and peace you are creating in your brain now. Feel…...
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Lovely and calming
Irene's voice calmes me immediately when she takes you on a wonderful journey through your brain. Love it ,thanks Irene🤗
Scanning and Updating...
Our brain is a lot like a computer. In order to keep it working in top shape, we need to scan it for viruses often and periodically update the software. Our belief systems are our software. If our software is lacking, our inner voice can literally be a virus to our self esteem. In this powerful meditation, Irene has us go deep within our heart chakra as well as our brain to scan and update our software. Getting comfortable, my body sank into the mattress. Going back to my childhood, I recalled what was good about it and what wasn’t so good. Opening the doors to my heart chakra, I began to say things to myself that I felt were lacking when I was younger. Saying these words to myself gave me a feeling of wholeness. Getting my belief systems fresh in my mind, I took note of whether these beliefs were mine or if they were installed in me when I was a child. I began to update the ones that were no longer serving who I am today. Once I updated my beliefs, I checked in with my brain, beginning to scan any files for viruses. Each time I spotted a corrupt file, I took it out, refreshing and beginning again until all the viruses were gone. Afterwards, I became aware of my heart chakra once again and fed it full of positive ‘I Am’ isms. What a profound experience! Thank you, Irene! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Held deep within our subconscious, beliefs control our behavior. We go through life not realizing that some of the behaviors that we do are caused by belief systems that were instilled in us from other people. That is, until we become aware of them. Once aware, we can update our beliefs into what we want them to be and as a result, live the life that we most desire. As we begin to purge our beliefs, Irene gives us incredible affirmations to repeat in our heart chakra. Getting comfortable, I thought back to my childhood. Breathing deeply while noticing what I lacked in my childhood, I began to say the words that my heart and subconscious mind needed to hear. Saying those words that were starved from my inner child long ago, I smiled to myself, knowing that I had just nourished her. Breathing deeply into my heart chakra, I came back to the present moment and began planting seeds of goodness by repeating Irene’s affirmations. Taking a turn, I began to think of a time when I did wrong to someone. Two beings immediately came to my mind; my mom and my beloved dog, Kayleigh. My heart hurt knowing all the pain I caused the both of them. Seeing the forgiveness in their eyes, I began to purge those guilty and shameful feelings out of my body by breathing deeply. With my heart feeling lighter, I repeated more of Irene’s beautiful affirmations into my heart chakra. After planting these seeds of goodness into my heart chakra, I smiled, knowing that I had just nourished myself. Taking one final deep breath, I felt my toes begin to tingle on my out breath. Feeling light as a feather, I smiled to myself, knowing that I am actively becoming the best version of myself with each passing day. We all are deserving to live our best life as the best version of ourselves! Purge the beliefs that are interfering! After all, how we live today is how we live our lives! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Love yourself
This is another meditation that I will come back to often. Great message of loving yourself and letting go of past beliefs. Very powerful
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