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Unwinding Tension from Body

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to "unwind" and let go of tension throughout the body as a way to calm the mind.
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Day before leaving for Idaho and Sierra Tucson
My family took me to lunch and to go carts and to gravity zone. I am scared to leave but thankful for my family.
I needed to unwind to night! Had a VERY challenging start to my day, and I'm still feeling the aftermath now here at bedtime! It was nice to have Cassandra’s lilting voice lead me through this relaxation session before sleep. Spent the day working with my new computer and all my old hard drives attempting to salvage our family digital photo library. Lots of fun memories to be found! Next I'll work on salvaging our combined music libraries! I have some super rare music tracks locked in my old computer’s hard drive...decades of music files, many irreplacable! What I cannot salvage digitally I’ll have to re-digitize from my hundreds of CDs stored in my garage! NOT a task I want to have to take on!😳
Releasing Unnecessary Tension
This meditation is a wonderful way to release any tension you have been holding onto within your body. Sometimes we hold onto tension in certain areas of our body without even realizing it. With Cassandra’s gentle guidance accessing each section of your body on your exhale you can feel your body softening. It is a mini massage for your body. The only thing I did not like about this one is the very abrupt ending. However, it did leave me feeling very relaxed 😌.
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