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Unpacking What's Weighing Us Down

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Life Coaching
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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
What would you have to let go of to shed the extra weight that you are carrying right now? I’m not talking about body or physical weight; I’m talking about psychological weight. Is it possible that we have gotten so used to carrying our unprocessed baggage around with us that we’ve accepted it as a part of who we are? What would be different if we could put it down?
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I really enjoyed this meditation! Very wise words that I need to put into use!
Det er rigtig at man bære en masse. Bekymring om fremtiden, forbrydelser og alt muligt. Jeg vil stille kufferten med mine Bekymringer for fremtiden. Og kufferten med hvad der er sket i fortiden..
I learned that I have some unpacking to do. I can't progress without doing that. I know there are some things that I notice when I observe my thoughts in meditation. Things that shouldn't be popping up. Thank you for explaining how important that is.
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