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Unlocking Our Intuitive Mind

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
Many people give away their power to others, unconsciously allowing them to shape and dictate their life. The great innovators, leaders, and thinkers of history weren't victims of this mentality. Become the master of your own destiny by unlocking your intuitive mind!
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4 reflections
Wise Old Friend
We’ve all been there. We are walking along our path and suddenly we gain a revelation of sorts. Sometimes called a ‘gut feeling’, this knowing beyond rational thoughts mustn’t be ignored, as this is our inner power. In this revealing meditation, Alex brings us through 5 areas of our life: our closest relationship, our career path, our eating and drink habits, our lifestyle choices and finally, our relationship with ourselves. As we explore these 5 areas, we sit quietly, breathing into our 3rd eye while we take note of any revelations we receive. Sitting in a dark room, I arrived in the here and now by way of my breath. Bringing my breath and awareness to my 3rd eye, I thought about my closest relationship. I saw something a break in communication that occurs occasionally that puts a big strain on this close relationship. Receiving wisdom from my wise old friend m I know I am trying everything to make the communication flow more smoothly. Breathing into my 3rd eye as I brought attention to my current career path, I sensed my body sensations and knew that this current path is aligned with my higher self. Moving on to my eating and drink habits, my wise old friend showed me what what I used to eat and drink on a regular basis and compared it to what I put in my body nowadays. That was quite the revelation. Going to my lifestyle choices, my wise old friend showed me the good choices I currently do and one that I know I can dramatically improve on. Finally, my wise old friend showed me my relationship with myself. Hearing the current way I talk to myself, seeing the activities I do, I know I have greatly improved this area of my life. While there were a few revelations that show where I can improve on, I am quite pleased with these areas of my life. Because I have been trying to strengthen this relationship with my wise old friend, I really enjoyed this exercise and will use it often. Thank you, Alex! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Intuitively wise
Beautiful meditation bringing our awareness back our most precious gift, intuition. Opening 3rd eye chakra & asking for answers we often seek elsewhere.
Intuitive mind
I'm at a loss here. I have yet to learn about the third eye. And how it connects to the heart chakra.
Intuition & the Third eye
I was deeply into this exercise. I felt a revelation at the end when thinking about my relationship with myself through the third eye chakra. I saw the word Procrastination in black capital letters. I have felt its presence more so during the last few weeks. That area has been prevalent in every session of this "Evolve your being" series. I need to address this in a big way. At the time of my last reflection on this meditation it was clear that I missed the messages completely within this session. It's good to see my growth since then. However, I have not explored the third eye chakra in depth. For the first time I just now felt as if I was projecting energy through the third eye chakra, intuition. I recognize my need to further explore this. Thank you.