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Unlocking Our Fear Based Beliefs

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In order to move beyond fear and self-doubt, we need to unlock the beliefs that keep us stuck within our comfort zones. Learn how to move into the possibility of your life.
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Fear-based beliefs
I must consider what evidence exists from the past that I will fill. Then I must consider what evidence exists from the pass and I will succeed. Then I have to ask myself what is the worst thing that can happen? Then start to think about what struggles I face my own life. Then truly dive into a certain time of one I have had to draw on my own strength and resilience to get through it
How will you feel??
I think this was very helpful. I liked the part about the presentation bc I can relate to that. I realized I don’t screw everything up that I think I do.
Unlocking my fear based beliefs:
I liked the podcast or session because it gave me straightforward answers that I can apply. 1. What makes the statement true? 2. What makes the statement false? 3. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 4. What has already happened in your life where chaos or problems have ensued? What can you take from those & apply to this? “Fear only exists in the mind.” ~ Dale Carnegie 🙌🏻 So much of my fear is in my mind & keeping a journal or a mental picture of these questions seem really helpful to ask myself each time, because truthfully, I believe it will be an easier way to tell myself to stop, drop and shut it! Stop talking to myself this way. It’s not healthy, as they are always unreasonable beliefs and/or statements I’ve been telling myself for quite some time. I could have a therapist give me that brief of an explanation every time... & finally start my road to freedom! 🙌🏻
Fear based beliefs
I feel hopeful that I will gradually overcome my fears. If I instill this learning into my mind, I may convince myself, develop confidence, remove self doubt, and take risks.
when ever i go back to school after a long break i tend to have a lot of anxiety . listening to this helped me relaxed & see that whatever is holding me back, can’t really hold me back .
This motivated me to get out there and experience things. I don’t want the fear of failure to hold me back in life
Fear does not exist
Although fear comes to my mind and causes procrastination and dread, I realize that I have always survived through it. Knowing that my mind creates fear tells me I can also create peace.
Unlocking Fear Based Beliefs
I need to stop letting fear hold me back. I need to trust myself and move outside of my comfort zone so that positive change can take root in myself & my life. I can handle it and I will be okay. Moving outside of my comfort zone will allow me to grow and bring good things into my life. I will not fail because even things that seem to be failures happen for a reason. These things are also meant to be a part of the learning and growing process. This does not mean I do not have to have boundaries in my life. There is a difference and I will still stand up for myself. I will protect myself when moving outside of my comfort zone.
This made me feel capable and it shut down some of my fears
Fear based beliefs
When I was in therapy a few years ago, my therapist asked me to consider the same questions, when my anxiety was at its worst. Looking back on all of the obstacles I have overcome, I know I will in one way or another handle my current and future obstacles. I hope I handle these situations with self-compassion and a deeply rooted belief that I am more than capable of thriving during difficult, uncertain times.
I learned to look for evidence to support or disprove how I am feeling
I have lots of positive experiences and outcomes to support me
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