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Unleash Yourself

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
It is each one of us that chooses whether we will live from our heart and with this to embrace all of our perfect nature; to rise up; to meet our self in this perfect state as pureness of thought, without the conditions that we have once placed onto our self and with using our free will to always choose from our heart, of what is right and true - to live a bountiful and beautiful heaven on earth, here and now.
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11 reflections
I feel calm
Sometimes what you say is you’d emty words that comes from nothing an yet you listen to them. But notice what really means something to you and stick with it. And remember you can do lots of thing at once. And you do not have to be good at everything. Enjoy life and namaste
I like to say “Don’t should one”. I would very much like to hear more.
Unleash Yourself
I am still not aware of my potential. I must unleash myself to experience what I know in my heart i can do.
Unleash with love
I find these words so uplifting. Inspiring. Calling me to find the true path of my journey…Thankyou Dorothy for your beautiful sharing kindness. Namaste 💝
Unleash yourself
Thank you for reminding me to allow my true self to be free. I have been working toward this.
I am strong
I am starting to realize my journey has just begun. 5 years after the death of my husband I’m beginning to chart my new course. It’s scary
I have lived through this time in history not in fear that I first thought I would. I had moved past the initial fear pretty quickly. I learned to listen to all the reports whether good or bad and that I have not put the blame of this pandemic on no one, just accepted it as part of our lives to get thru whether bad or good.
I’m learning about meditation and meditation helps me relax
I’m seriously learning about meditation and meditation helps me relax and stay calm and quiet stress free and today I learned how to relax and stay today was about the word RELAX and I have had to relax and stay calm down and I watch my shows today and my dad and I FaceTimed together and we did make each other laugh out loud on the phone and meditation is always good the soul and body
I learned that meditation helps you relax and stay calm after a long bad day
I learned that if you have had a long bad day you can meditate and stay calm and quiet and sit by the fire or something I noticed that anyone else is going to be stressed out and sometimes it’s hard and I know that I have my good days and my bad days and I pray about them and god’s here with us and he is saying don’t worry stay calm I’m here with you and for you and I will guide you the color blue is what helps me meditate and relax and stay calm and peaceful colors make me happy and that is why I love meditations
I meditate because I feel like I’m carrying the weight
I learned that if I meditate long enough I can breathe and relax and chill out and sometimes I feel like god’s will helps kill all the things that stress me out through out my days and god’s grace is cheering and I pray I noticed that when I meditate all the time I feel grateful for the meditation and god’s peace and patience and god’s there with me through our days and nights and I pray every day for peace and the meditations are always helping me I learned that when I meditate all the negative things just disappear because I’m meditate all the positive things come to mind and god’s here with me that is why I love the meditations
I need to find my true self. I have no idea who I am. All I know is that I am tired.
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