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Unhelpful Thoughts

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Our mind produces thoughts like our heart beats and our lungs breathe. When our mood is low, our inner critic produces a lot of unhelpful, unkind thoughts. Discover more about unhelpful thoughts, how to identify them, and what we can do about them.
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23 reflections
WoW! i didn't even realize that i needed to notice, acknowledge and counter my "unhelpful", self-critical thoughts. i needed this today. thanks a lot!
Challenging your thoughts gives you an opportunity to mindshift and acknowledge these thoughts with a different set of eyes.
Inner critic
I don’t need to listen to my inner critic. My criticism of myself is a big problem for me
Inner Critic
My inner critics seem to take multiple forms including my mother's very critical voice/voiced opinion fro. My childhood.
Gibbering brain
My thoughts were a lists of things I need to do and then right there in the middle a big ok’ I’m useless overrode all the others.. I noticed this with a sinking feeling on top of the mounting panic that the things I need to do were generating.. but I noted them. And shall challenge them.
I first had No thoughts, then noticed my breathing and how it seemed off.
I learned that my inner critic is very dominant in my head, and I’m very interested in learning how to change that.
Davida Chamberlin-Elliott
I felt relaxed snd grateful
I seem to be looking into myself more deeply. I feel that i am really looking at things that truly take my sense of joy away but i am finding there are so few of them that i am surprised
Unhelpful thoughts
My inner critic has been louder than I realized. Thank you for the awareness.
Juliana Oppenheimer
Really want to change
I am always beating myself up and did so during the 20 seconds. I look forward to the following ones that will relate. Thanks
Good session
Good to realize these unhelpful thoughts... Where can I find more about the 2 activities you mention at the end?Mindfulness and the challenging of those unhelpful thoughts.
I feel defeated today…although the outcome has not yet been determined
Although I feel any certain way it is my thoughts that will control me and having peaceful thoughts will be the ultimate goal. Mindfulness for thoughts & Challenges of thoughts
Unhelpful thoughts session
I feel negative today. The unhelpful thought session made me aware of those thoughts but then go straight to thinking, “Great. Now I have one more thing to do to find the follow up sessions.” Still trying to deal with my stress today. Feeling very overwhelmed.
Log #1 mindset is everything
I learned that determining my mindset when I am inevitably going to be dealing with that inner critic that catastrophize’s every little issue, which may often be many, isn’t always the easiest to control. Finding that glimmer of sanctity amidst any chaos arriving has helped me to reset and ground my mind from going down a tangent and establishing a pattern of unhelpful thoughts and in turn manifest as my actions. Instead of thinking “Oh life just keeps getting harder” in the progressive sense, I will tell myself “Life is meant to be hard” (whomp whomp 🤷‍♂️)in the constant development sense….if that makes sense. This way I shift my focus from a pessimist to an opportunist mindset. I find myself lulling into these extended droughts of productivity where I have no drive to better myself, or our situation, which continually festers until it’s mentally unbearable. At that point it’s extremely tough for me to get out of that rut, yet I must. Historically I have never been keen on verbalizing and truly processing my psychological side, as calm and collected as I can appear at times, but I feel this meditation is a fantastic tool to logically come to conclusions about what craziness I may have just experienced. I’ve got to do my best to recognize and process key issues from whatever just happened, communicate what’s on my mind the best I can with what I’m feeling, not what I feel others would want me to say, establish a plan and TAKE ACTION to get to an end goal for whatever said situation’s resolution. Wordy, I know, but new to this. ❤️
Learned that negative thoughts are automatic and come in differ types. Shoulds, self blame, absolutes
Unhelpful thoughts
It would be a much better world if the unhelpful thoughts weren’t so automatically generated at times.
Body Message
I felt pain in my stomach and thanked the feeling because it reminded me that I’m becoming more in tuned to my body. And that there’s something I’m holding onto asking to be released. Thank you for your time here. Thank you for letting me know it’s time to let go and heal. Release release release.
Rich thinking as I am listening to my inner critic and saying
I am judgements, analyze, pretreat my life as though it’s going to come out wrong, sick, not good enough. I am expecting the worst and paying attention being safe watchful wondering about this snd that worrying a lot
Letting Go
My first thought was the main issue. Letting go but still loving.
My Inner Critic…
She’s a real hard ***. I wish she would give me the grace I give others.
Disappointed they charged me for a family plan when I signed up may have to just cancel the whole thing
I don’t know what to feel
It explains the problem but in no where near the fixing part
It was a teaser for the actual work…I almost wish all three sessions explained were included in one. I’m frustrated by this and how it doesn’t flow properly.
Our mind controls our thoughts…. Still beginning to see of how we can change how we manage our thoughts…