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Understanding Your Attachment Style

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Taking the time to learn and understand your attachment style, can help you become more self-aware. It can help you recognize any behaviors or thought patterns you may be repeating. This short track offers a brief introduction to each of the 4 main attachment styles.
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6 reflections
Attaching bonding secure open hearted relationships
This gives me working knowledge of the people I live with, that I meet and definitely myself. Finding the path of love and affirmation inside any of these styles seems like humanity’s goal. It helps me to have compassion for those whose early experiences didn’t given them a secure attachment or perpetrated on them all of the ills that they carry in some fashion as they grow.
disorganized attachment
I learned that I struggle with disorganized attachment style and it felt very validating to hear that other people experience the same thing. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly trying to figure out how to be normal and have normal relationships and I feel that I always fall short of it. Hopefully working on my attachment style will help me be able to form closer relationships and have more confidence when doing so.
I learned something new today! It's interesting to listen to this meditation and think about which one I think I am. Very good.
I never knew I was an anxious attachment style. Now it is clear to me why certain things happen.
It seems that for the most part I fall in the secure category but it was interesting to learn of the others and to think how my previous partner fell in different categories.
Attachment theory
I can’t decide on which attachment style I am. I am a mixture of the 2,3, and 4th ones so I’m not sure how to categorize myself.