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Understanding The Cycle Of Anxiety

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Some anxiety is a part of life. There is no way to avoid it completely. Understanding the cycle of anxiety can help you recognize how our basic responses to anxiety can sometimes contribute to an increase in overall anxiety. Using strategies like mindfulness and deep breathing may help you to confront stressful situations head-on. This can help to break the cycle of anxiety.
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4 reflections
Do you go in depth with anxiety? I’ve had it most of my life still trying to manage it along with prescriptions from my doctor.
Anxiety - short term vs long-term
I learned that avoiding a situation that triggered anxiety may make today more comfortable, but can start a cycle for anxiety to create unhealthy repeated levels of stress in future. Short term gain vs long term pain is not a solution. Procrastination is part of this self-defeating habit. For example, if you fell and took painkiller everyday for a month and avoided going to a doctor, you might still have a broken bone that can’t heal. Once you commit to getting a real diagnosis, that bone will be stronger than before.
Get out of your head
7/10 anxiety before listening. I'm now feeling it come down to a 5.
Years of Avoidance
I have noticed that my anxiety as teen @ 5/10 has progressed to a 10/10 @ age 42 in almost all situations that I’m not completely by myself. I’ve also spent my entire life avoiding situations that made my anxiety spike. Today I learned that those escapes have not only set extreme limits to who I am & my relationships but could be the very reason I now become paralyzed with fear in the same type situations. Right now by myself in my bedroom I have a whole workable plan as to how to stop this cycle but without a doubt when it comes time to execute I will chose what has always been safe. How do I take an actual real step toward relief?