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Understand The Assignment!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
When we face challenges in life we have a tendency to push against them and wish them away, but I want to offer you a more effective approach to dealing with your everyday dilemmas and challenges that will make your life so much better once you begin implementing this idea! Cheers~
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Every challenge is a lesson waiting to be learned - a wonderful approach to life. I’d like to hear Teena’s perspective on how to overlay that mindset onto nationwide and global issues. Namaste
The assignment
Stop resisting the lesson. She’s absolutely right! I just start cursing and feeling pissed off which does exactly nothing to get me past what’s happening—I give control to something outside myself.
Placing blame
I feel that I can use this lesson to stop blaming the COVID vaccine for causing more exaggerated everything in my body. Accept what is, do the best I can, whether it’s a little or a lot. Don’t be discouraged if I can’t walk as far as I want to or not as motivated as a few years ago It’s a new day. Make some progress, big or small and pat myself on the back
Knowing the assignment
I'm glad I listened to this. It makes a lot of sense. If I put energy into something, even resistance, it will stick around forever! I need to adjust myself a bit!
Love this
Feels so much easier if I look at my challenges as an assignment - something to grow and learn from.