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Unconscious Images To Guide Your Path

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Mark Guay
Coach & Facilitator
What I’d like to explore with you today is what I learned in a Jungian analysis workshop I attended in New York and led by certified Jungian analysts, Morgan and Jenn Stebbins. Based on Carl Jung’s exploration of the unconscious, I’d like to leave you with three helpful steps to use the images that arise in your life as a spotlight to brighten your path on purpose.
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Artavia Lineszy
I’ve been a daydreamer for most of my life. As I got older I thought maybe it was disassociation. It happens every time I try to concentrate on one thing. But not something that’s very engaging. This makes learning from lectures difficult. Now I’m going to take your advice and go with the daydream. Recite it into my phone.
Importance of day and nite dreams
Record them & let them guide me Be open to serendipitous signs I see around me. Be mindful.
Personalized story w teaching
The invitation to dream journal daydream consider synchronicity was just what I need to hear. I’ll tread lightly and move forward with senses now here here now