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Unconditional Love Explosion

18 Min
Emotional Intelligence
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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
Love is, in my opinion, the most powerful force in the universe. The heart is around 60 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. Unleash the love within you and send it out to the world!
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3 reflections
Powerful & Emotional
Felt a great release in this meditation - highly recommend taking the time for this one. Sending you love light hugs and happiness 🙏🏼🌟❤️
Felt amazing after this meditation
As I continue down this path to get back to me again, after having been in a really toxic relationship, this is just the meditation I need! Definitely going to do this every morning!
Love explosion 💥
Part 1: Outstanding! I loved this! It's my first time working with the heart chakra. Deeply. I feel so much love right now. Visualizing a bright green color while sending unconditional love out to my person and others. Deep breathing as well. Absolutely fantastic. ❤️