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Do you feel any blockage in your body, in your life? Maybe it is something you are still attached to. In this journey, I will guide you in a gentle way to identify those attachments that are no longer serving you so you can find this peaceful space you have within. Tell me how did you feel, I love to read your reflections.
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I felt that I needed to release the attachment to the idea that I need my boyfriend to be around to protect me in order to be safe.
I learned that I need to slowly picture him being farther and farther away within the point of myself still feeling safe, getting farther and farther each time. I need to practice detachment with love that is free and comes from an open heart instead of fear and worry, so that I am not codependent and having an unhealthy relationship.
I really feel this deeply. I was able to let go and experience it all. It will take time.