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Two Words Story

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a somewhat humorous Zen story about attitude and happiness. Zen has a rich tradition of telling stories so that the listener gathers their own understanding and then apply it to their own life.
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Wonderful story!
Nice one Cassandra! I'm still giggling to myself as I write this reflection! I feel for the monk in the story...I’ve had years worth of struggles to complain about! I'm only now seeing things clear up for me. Time to start living again and finding a whole new slate of things to complain about!🤣
Don’t waste your words on complaining but rather focus on the stuff that’s beautiful around you.
I love this story
This story made me smile and laugh. I have herd it before on here and just love it.
Two Words
This is a humorous story about what comes out of our mouths. Imagine not being able to speak for 10 years and the two words that you speak of are complaints! That is exactly what this monk does in this story! That monk must of truly been miserable! Our words that we speak have consequences. They can either life others up or bring them down. We all have a Choice of what comes out of our mouths. I am reminded of a quote I heard not long ago. It goes a little like this: “Our tongue is so dangerous that it has two barriers; our teeth and our lips”. Some food for thought... Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
It reminds me of the saying "speak softly and carry a big stick." The big stick can be the impact of those softly spoken words. I have found that those who do not have a lot to say, I tend to remember the things they do utter
Two words
A cute and humorous tale. Great story teller. I can picture everything.
Two words
So true, this is a great little story that has a deep reach into the mind and gives you a shake into reality, short, sweet and precise