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Two Things To Remember

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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
A short inspirational talk that will help you create energy and momentum to move forward and fully enjoy your life. It will help you let go of needing to be anybody so you can remember who you really are. Lou will offer encouragement to find a community that supports your growth.
From the community
9 reflections
Not sure where the words I had already written disappeared to but I will soon be 75 and I am jumping back into life! I spent a year in grief but no more! The art supplies are coming out of the taped up boxes and because of all you wonderful people who make up Aura, I am so alive and ready. 🙏🏼
Needed this reminder.
I grew up with such a “achiever’s mentality”. I am learning how to just be in the moment. That it is enough. The rest will come. No need to feel guilt for not doing enough when I am actually doing an awful lot!
Inner work
Thank you so much for a beautiful lesson. It grounded me and inspired me. I'm becoming unstuck. Your words are so gentle and real. Simplifying things for me. Teaching me that I don't have to run around trying to do everything all at once. Thinking about how every day is a new chance to begin again! I loved this so much!!!
Walter J
Profoundly simple but powerful session! By releasing old blockages we make room for the flow of new Energy to fill us with the “stuff” of who we Choose to Become. It is only a Choice away. It is never too late. We do not have to wait. We only have to Choose what we want, Now! No excuses, no guilt, no long trainings… just a Clear Choice from our Heart & Soul. Our bodies will naturally follow our minds. So make up you mind to have a Great Life A Great life is built one Great day at a time. And they do not ALL have to be Great, but just more than are “not-great” Why not make that Choice today and start to enjoy building Your Great Life?! 💪🏼❤️🍀
Love This!
I’m trying… I’m so grateful, Aura has been a life changer for me. I’m just not really sure how to remove blockages. 😔 Thank you ~ you have a great voice, easy to listen to and follow (I take notes whenever possible to help me work on my inner self). Big Hugs❣️
You are may favorite coach. I get what you are saying. Just starting my journey. Already feel better.
Do my inner work
Why might you desire to eat better exercise make healthier choices isn't working. I need to do my inner work. I need to find joy in each day and not look at all the past. It's time to heal.
My needs met
Needing to do the inner work. The focus doesn't have to be on how to live a healthier life but to focus on the inner work
Two things
I love these two things! It is never too late to change and when I am doing my inner work change happens naturally
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