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Two Secrets to Letting Go

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Letting go is never easy, but these two secrets can make a big difference. Make sure to check out my guided meditations, breathwork, and energy work here on Aura for more support with letting go: Gently Let Go, Free of Shame, Easy Relaxation: The Berry Field, Healing for a Broken Heart, and Breathe Love In.
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11 reflections
Let go
Letting go allows you to be free to receive more of what you should have
Fill up & let go
Thinking of walking away from something in this way is so comforting.
Comforting Words
This way of looking at letting go is so reassuring that I will have a happier life.
The right path
This provided me uplifting validation that I am on the right path. Thank you for your guidance. I am letting go of a vision I created for my “forever” by filling my present with the kind of love that truly nourishes my soul.
When u want to let go, focus on filling up w smthng positive
And Seco ndly , love like everything=energy and as such can never be lost. But you can release it to flow freely and so open up yourself to receive love more and suited to you at that timell eventually will receive
Let go
It is hard to let go but fill yourself up and allow yourself to do it. It can be scary
Letting go when you are hurt
I recently went through a change in jobs and felt very unloved and unsupported as I left the old job. I felt wounded and had a hard time letting go of the feeling of being wronged, even though I knew it was time to leave…it just wasn’t quite on my timing. I found a new and better job relatively quickly, but just couldn’t seem to move past my hurt. Then I finally realized that the change I was now experiencing was truly bringing me joy and happiness, and staying stuck was only making me sad and unhappy. It’s like a light finally turned on, and now I’m basking in that warm glow! I don’t really know why it was so hard to let go, but focusing on the positivity in my life now definitely helped me crest that mountain I had built for myself! Joy, peace and love to all of you!
Letting Go
The idea of filling up and letting go as one is brilliant! It’s how AA works.
I have let go of relationships and jobs and situations over and over again for years, but things have never gotten better...only worse
Alcohol is the thing I need to let gobof now as it is no longer serving me
I need to let go
Of what is of o good but before I should be aware of other things that fill me
I learned
Filling your life with the good allows no room for the bad. I always thought if I just disappeared out of the life and lives of the things that made me sad and depressed I would feel better. However, I never allowed my self to fill those voids with good things and so I kept thinking about the bad even though it was no longer physically there.