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Two Monks & a Maiden

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Cass Carlopio
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This is an old zen story about letting go.
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Let go
I learned that we should learn to let go. There are people and situations that come into our lives and as soon as these situations come they go. We should learn that once someone or something leaves us we should completely let it go. Continuing to grasp on to a particular person place or thing once it is gone will only harm us in the end. Enjoy each moment for what it is and once it is gone do not carry it anymore.
Breathing deeply
I learned and felt at peace. It’s been a really bumpy day but I hope things will improve. I feel that they will. 🧞‍♂️🧜🏿‍♀️👑💗🍵
“Still carrying her?”
Letting go of the past should help us focus on the present. The younger monk missed to focus on his present path as he kept on thinking about what the older monk did.
Weight of the Past
It’s important to not carry the weight of your past on your shoulders. As situations arise, deal with them in the moment and then after finding a resolution, let them go and remain in the past.
what is an aura?
I learned that having your own style can be incredibly important to living a healthy life.
Let go of the past!
I noticed how healthy letting go becomes to your mental and physical body. No worries to carryover as you go forward. It brings the joy of strength to carry on in forgiveness to self and recognize the past for what it is meant to be. The Past!
Un needed baggage
I’m so bad I leaving things in the past. I hold on so tight to the unnecessary and un needed baggage that I forget to live in the now and embrace the now.
Two Monks & a Maiden
It’s a simple story about being able to live in the now and not dwelling on the past. Learn to let things go that you don’t need, they’ll end up weighing you down
Love the lesson of letting go of your ”burden” when you're through with the task! Proves that it doesn't pay to dwell on the last when you are capable of moving on. Shame on the young monk for not moving past the situation once the boon had been completed! Hurrah to the elder monk for his chivalry in the face of social and religious impropriety! Less of the former/more of the later!
It’s already passed.
So now let it go within your mind. Let moved on to freedoms.
Let it go !
Nice short story about remaining in the present and letting go of things that have happened in the past. It’s over ... keep moving forward. Peace and Love ☯️
Dropping the Pack
Many of us have been in a situation, a crossroads of sorts and then have looked back and questioned the decision we or others have made. Questioning these decisions, we have been carrying around extra weight. Having our thoughts consumed by the actions that either we took or what others took, we are allowing the weight of what happened in the past to distort the happening taking place right before our eyes. This unnecessary questioning turns into unnecessary stress which leads to not just disease of the body, but also dis-ease of the mind. If we find that the extra weight we are carrying around is caused by the actions of others, we must drop that pack immediately for we cannot control what others do. All we do have control over is the actions we personally take. If we find that the extra weight we are carrying around is caused by the actions of ourselves, we must trust that we took the best action possible with the level of consciousness we had when we did the action. Then we drop the pack immediately. Dropping the pack, our thoughts are free of the ‘what if’. And, when our thoughts are free, we are truly free. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Still Carrying Baggage
This short story provided me with so many things to ponder. Of course the most powerful insight is about mentally lugging unnecessary baggages as I journey on. That’s assuming I’m even on the right path. Lol. Another insight is about how the wiser monk saw a chance to help while the younger monk immediately considered not breaking a rule. I’m sure if I listen to this story again I’ll be gifted with another insight.