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Two Friends Went Travelling

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's easy to think that we are neutral in the world, and that we don't affect what comes to us - but we do! listen to this story which illustrates this.
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Two friends went traveling
At first, I thought it was an odd idea to go traveling separately, especially for such a long time and to so many places. As I listened, I thought of the first time I went to New York City and how nice all the people were. When I got home, as I told people about my trip many of them asked what I thought about the unfriendly people up there! I also thought of a time I asked for a manager in a store to complain and what a different response I got!
What we bring to each other
How I interact with someone is mirrored back - this is hard to accept. Some relationships right now are not where they should be, how can I repair them.
Mood dictates
I compared this story to going to work every day as if I was taking a short trip somewhere every day. And I’ve learned over the years that if I show up to work in a bad mood I have bad experiences. If I show up happy and ready to go I have wonderful experiences. It’s true that the mood you take with you dictates the experience you have. Thanks 🙏 Aura
I really love this story. It’s so true, what you look for you usually find. Be it happiness or confusion. My sponser always says this: water seeks its own level. Am I looking for this to be happy or useful? Or am I looking for chaos and uselessness?
Two Friends Travelling
I learned that the obvious is often true. If you are kind and open with others then you are more likely to receive kindness and have them be open with you..
The Two Friends
If I am confident and walk into a place with my head high and with friendliness, I am more likely to maje friends, to have fun, and go home feeling happy.
Receiving people as they are
This struck a chord with me as I just experienced this first hand. Just two days ago I was out after work and had a nice long conversation with a young man from Africa about life and his experiences. After he left, a group of people came up next to me who were having a good time. Even through a language barrier, as they spoke almost no English and I spoke almost no spanish, we were able to have a nice exchange. I remember thinking on my way home later that people seemed to have gotten nicer in recent years. Maybe I have just gotten more approachable. Maybe my view on people and the world, and on myself and my life, is what has really changed. ❤️
You get what you give
As a naturally quiet person, I usually hold back in interactions with people. I always figured that people just didn’t want to interact because I am quiet. But what if they are just giving me back what I give them? I need to consciously make an effort in my communication and interaction with others, and I may start to see a change in how people communicate and interact with me.
What I learned from this journey...
I’d also like to go on a trip with a friend. Thank you so much for letting me know this! Sincerely, Katie Markiewicz, BSN RN
What you give is what you get
Make the most of any situation and don't be shy. You get more out of life if you contribute more to it
Two Friends Travelling
I was a bit judgemental about Sue in a negative way. Maybe she has a life experience that prevent her being friendly and interested. I should try not to judge and instead show empathy and demonstrate what she can achieve through connection.
I learned that even if people are not kind to you in return you need to show respect and that no one likes being mistreated
Positive vs negative
To be positive attracts others to you. To be negative turns people away from you.
Tina was positive which likely means smiling a lot. Smiles invite others to interact, if they're positive too. Like a magnet. Positive attracts positive.
Not feeling positive about much today
Tina is happy. Sue is not. Be like Tina. Not like Sue. Sounded like Kindergarten story time. Oh if only my biggest worry was “if I did a good interview” ??!!!!!!.....
Journal 1
I felt extremely calm and I learned that what you bring to interactions is what you get back.
Two friends went traveling
We create our own experiences. What happens to you - you’ve somehow created that.
What you give out will come
Back to you.. treat someone the way you want to be treated.. your attitude has a lot to do with how people perceive you....
Two Friends
What we bring to an interaction is often what we get back, so bring positivity
Two friends
Looks like I did this meditation 8 months ago and it popped up for me again today. Seems that I need to be reminded to look for the positive in everything
This is a beautiful eye opening story.
It illustrates how important our attitude is in determining what we get out of life.
You find what you think you are looking for. If you think people are not open then that is what you find