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Two Brothers

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a story about generosity and understanding.
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Generosity of Spirit
Such generosity of spirit is at the heart of kindness and love.
2 Brothers
I loved this story! It was so delightful to hear a story of humans showing kindness and generosity and true caring! I think the news we hear today highlights humans at their worst and that makes stories like this one even more inspiring! Thank you!
I felt the meaning of families that shined affection for each another with a huge amount of care and kindness that came from their hearts. It's was a selfless act that showed love and devotion to each other.
If only we can switch
Most of the time, the human being is focused and his egotistical selfish needs; demanding, wanting, and expecting from others to fulfill his or her needs. This anecdote provides us with an idea of how much better the world would be when we would go out of our selfish zone and think about the other person. Well, The same is with the other person. It would be so much more closer to ‘olam hatikun’.
All of my siblings, whether by blood or no...,
The art of giving, sharing, handing over of oneself are the most intimate, treasured, and cherished of gifts many ever recognize to have received.
Talk it out!
I’ve always been an enthusiastic believer in talking things through, before taking action. In fact, I typically refuse to just jump in to someone’s task without being specifically asked to do so. I’ve just had too many situations where a “well meaning” person tried to “lend a hand”, only to completely foul my play! I don’t ever want to be considered “that guy”. The brothers worked hard to achieve zero net gain for either. Had they just discussed each other’s feelings of imbalance in the ownership of the property, they might have worked out a balanced agreement WITHOUT the constant back-and-forth wasted nighttime labors.
Story time
I really like the story and the balance of the brothers made me realize to be generous towards others.
Two Brothers
Look out for each other! What a wonderful reminder during these unusual times.
Two brothers story
This story is cute in the sense that both brothers were acting selfless and generous. You get what you put out is another way of seeing this for me. There is enough hate to be spread around and multiples. And as we all know anger, rage and hatred is more easily reciprocated than good ness generosity and kindness. Also, just because we can’t see the goodness doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Sometimes it’s working In the background, but we may be pushing it back with our negativity. Such a beautiful story, that can be interpreted in many ways.
Thinking beyond oneself
What a great story to represent considering those around you and looking beyond oneself.
Two brothers
Remember that when you give away from your portion, it is often coming back to you. Be aware and give from the heart.
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