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Trusting in your Path

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
Together we will notice where in your life you are doubting. Learn that doubt comes with a purpose, reminding you to trust. Believe that everything is working in your favor, especially in the bigger picture. Show up with an open mind & heart.
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10 reflections
Trusting In Your Path
I think that these affirmations will help me be at peace. I am on this path for a reason.
I was reminded that my path is my path. Don’t fight it because the road is already laid in front of us, we just make the choices under FREE WILL to go right or left at the T’s we come across. That’s why living in this moment is so important, you can’t know where you are going unless you know where you are at. Thank you
Amazing 1st session
Trust the process I’m going through right now. Everything is going to work out as it should
I identified with the affirmations I agree with them and I need to remind my self of the process and how uncomfortable things can produce geowth
I learned that I am the one who has power over me. No one else.
I’m noticing that I keep forgetting to close my eyes. I’m going through a stage of what feels like bad time management, which leads to multitasking…which leads to me forgetting to close my eyes. I tried cleaning my alarms off my phone, which leads to me forgetting my schedule. I thought Todoist might alert me to all of them, but I think I missed a step and have to investigate this tomorrow. I’m forcing myself to stay in bed so I can heal my arm and leg, but I feel so guilty because my mother’s always like, “Power through it”. Not helpful. When I told my aunt I couldn’t use my arm for a week, I meant that. And now I’m going to not feel guilty for doing what I need to do to heal, inside and out.
Walter J
Great session affirming the process… is unfolding for my higher good… In just the right way… @ just the right… time!! & I Am, Receiving it, In A Certain Way, So I can serve others, w/ my unique Skills, Strengths, And Now identified Super Powers! ❤️💪🏼🍀
Afternoon restful interlude
I visit meditation at the ends of my day but not so much at 4 pm! How nice to rest nap quiet at this time and release from the treadmill of thinking and storing up for the next next next. I could actually create a new rhythm in my day. Like taking a shower mid day. Mixing it up
Loved feeling/seeing my ideas trusting the process. Gently, I was able to let go of obstacles.
I felt comforted and reassured.
I learned that I have the process takes me trusting the process.
I trust..
… in the unfolding of my life. I trust what is coming. I trust the process.
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