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Trust Yourself!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Learning to trust yourself will require some unlearning. When we were young we had it right, our intuition told us that something or someone wasn't right, but because we didn't have the tools to interpret what we were feeling we learned to dishonor our sixth sense, until today, welcome home! Cheers~
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Trust your intuition
I have two young daughters and I am totally guilty of making them hug a relative they did not want to. It’s happened to me as well as a kid. I can see how my mother made me question my judgement even as an adult. She always wants to right at my expense. I guess it makes her feel more in control of her own life. I can see how I have emulated that behavior with my own daughters. I need to allow them to trust themselves and learn from their choices. This will be hard because it goes against every protective (and controlling) bone in my body. Ty for showing me the path.
Trust intuition
Very good info. You're right, I have to be open and trust my gut. And not ignore it! My kids are grown. But as far as my own life; my journey. ❤️
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