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Trust Rather Than Fear

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation invites you to choose trust in yourself and the universe rather than fear. All feelings change, so is fear. No matter what you are going through, you can choose trust in the process and what the universe presents to you each moment.
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9 reflections
I choose to trust rather than fear.
I really loved these words even if for now I can't integrate them all but it gave me a real hope to be in full trust one day!
Trust rather than fear
I enjoyed these soothing words. It reminded me not to fear for the future but rather to trust that ,even in fearful times, everything will be fine as I will be able to deal with them.
I felt
This touched me deep and I connected with the words so deeply.
I can choose trust over fear it’s ok to feel fear it’s only a temporary emotion
A Powerful Reminder
On those tough days where fear and self doubts creep in, this is such a powerful reminder that we need to trust in ourselves as we have it in us. Thank you - really needed it today.
Trusting Myself
I was reminded in this practice today that the future is uncertain, so I must just trust myself in the present moment that all of the previous choices I have chosen to get to where I am today were perfect for me and the life of my future self.
Walter J
My Breathe: + to keep me alive + to keep me grounded in the Now + to keep me Speaking Life to All My Self: + to keep Breathing & Growing + to have the Courage to Live Free + to make my Choices for The BOM My Creator: + will provide air for me to Breathe + will provide the Outcomes We need + will provide Wisdom to Choose right Thank you Karuna for providing this most needed & excellent session on Choosing Trust & releasing fear! It is very timely with the world & country situations going on. We need to magnify the “Trusting for Good” vibe in the world and diminish the ‘fear of the worst’ vibe the media is spewing forth. I Trust Everything will work out for our collective long term good. Namaste, ❤️☮️🍀
I learned that if I believe that everything good or bad that is happening to me is for a reason, trusting my decisions is a whole lot easier.
Inhale Trust, Exhale Fear
I remembered the foundation of believing in my God, of having faith in myself, of trusting the process... of meditation and breath with a steady, calm voice instructing will help me remain grounded in that which is true. Trust with wisdom breeds life. Fear steals life. A really grounding, foundational meditation. Gratitude...
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